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  1. I was wondering if its allowed to have contest games that award linden for the contest as long as the games are free to play? in a normal land not skill region I just want to make sure im following laws.
  2. You have to pay money to play the game and can win even more back, i am asking so I do not get in trouble by accident as I know the skill gaming terms is quite strict.
  3. I never said 90% was set in stone, i dont mind giving 100 percent, 90 is just the default for everyone, it can be changed quite easily, plus i did mention that i also offer 45 linden an hour if you want it. but 100% tips I have no problem with. just let me know if you ever apply, because like i said its the default, it can be changed.
  4. I am looking to hire djs for the club, you would get 90% edit: it is now 100% tips, plus 45 linden an hour if you desire, i won't force hourly pay on you since i know some djs/people just like to work for fun and get tips instead, which i completely understand. Any music is fine as long as its not too heavy or has to many swears. You may choose which music you play at anytime, be prepared to take requests. You may use your own stream url if you wish, i do have one setup if you need to have access to a stream - it allows 50 listeners at a time, but you do need the correct streaming software to
  5. We are a public club (not adult) that is looking for djs dancers and host/ess's. All the positions are paid 35 linden per hour for around 2-3 hours a day or night which ever you prefer, plus 90% tips. We are a new club so anyone looking for work is welcome, It does not matter if your account is not 30 days old yet. You must be in appropriate attire when you are working because the club is not in an adult rated zone, there might be minors who show up to have a fun time with family, friends etc. If you are a fun and out going person who knows how to be social then this might be the job for you
  6. We are a new club that is just starting out and we are looking for staff to fill the void. The Club currently needs dancers - either gender - but no nudity what so ever, we are a club for the general public to come and hang out. DJs - Having a genre of general modern music would be nice, anything is fine as long as it is appropriate for the public - YOu never know when someone under 18 years old will show up. Hosts - Either gender - Must be able to host an event and be a rather social person and needs to know how to have fun. Managers - I am looking for a few managers to help out when I am not
  7. Forgot almost prim allowance is set to 6500 if i did it correctly as the reason the price tag is a little higher.
  8. I have put up land for rent for L$500 a week and you can pay what you want. and the more you spend at a time the cheaper it will become with the rental discounts I have added. You are free to use the land you rent as you see fit as long as it is leagle of course, from business all the way to personal use. I have a fish hunt system setup so that will bring the traffic on my side and will help you if you are doing business. So come check it out to see if you are interested. Land Pic/ link
  9. Hi i am looking for help with starting my first second life business, i truthfully do not have much knowledge in business and i want to start a rental land / shop business, im me in world if you would be willing to help me out, i do not have a lot of funds at the moment but will share profits once we start making revenue so if interested please im lunarstar122 in world.
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