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  1. I hope my idea can be realize, because buyers isn't right. My shop without refunds and i don't earn real money fron Second Life. So i don't change my rules anyway. Thanks for your answers, but i prefer be honest with customers and i don't refund. I always check my items 5 times to be sure of the quality of the goods. A lot of creators leaved Second Life because they got bad reviews. I believe that many unjustly offend content creators and called they "jerks". I do not understand people who support buyers who spoil reviews because of their carelessness. Believe, your target audience will not change if you do not refund the monetary contribution to inattentive users. If you are so afraid and shaking for every linden and review, then this is your right. But I hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to evaluate the client. P.s. Thank you all for your opinions and answers!
  2. Hi, Cindy! A lot of customers discourage sellers. And i think we need this system because some buyers ignore when you tried solve their problem and ignore personal messages, like a "Hello, this clothes onlt for classic avatars. You can not use this dress/outfit with your mesh avatar. Be careful and always read the description because creators always tell to their customers what they selling". A lot of customers don't like when creators trying help to they. There is a reason why idea with customer review system is fair. I think creators and sellers must know who wrote reviews with this system. If customer leaved their review he/she ready for personal evaluating. This system will avoid crooks and scammers among buyers who cheat others.
  3. Можно попробовать сменить клиент или же обратиться к любому местному компьютерщику.
  4. Hello everyone, from time to time I come across an injustice towards the sellers. Many buyers are convinced that they are right. I consider this unfair. Do you agree with the fact that we all need customer evaluation? 5 stars and the possibility of recall. If the buyer will leave a review, others will be able to find out and evaluate the buyer. And wherever this buyer went, we can always read all the reviews about him. Something like a "Not careful customer. He doesn't read the description." or "This buyer doesn't cares about content and ignore "For classic avatars only"". Or... "Rude customer." Some buyers try to blackmail sellers. I have often encountered people who threatened me that they would take away the audience of buyers from me.
  5. Hello, i'm looking for function of block some people, like noobs and people who do not read the description. If such a function is not, where can it offer? I already have demo and inworld shop. But i want get the function at the near future... It does not affect my market if I block a few people. Why? Because these people just come one day and go for a long time.
  6. integer face4 = 4; default { state_entry() { //llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!"); } touch_start(integer total_number) { integer link = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); string name = llGetLinkName(link); llSay(llGetSubString(-500, name, face4); } } face4 -> Syntax error. I need use faces of child prims for the button.
  7. So.... i need change something on my button... I need add integer faces for my mesh objects... It's possible? Faces not from root prim receiver. Someone can help? default { state_entry() { //None } touch_start(integer total_number) { integer link = llDetectedLinkNumber(12); string name = llGetLinkName(link); llSay(-999, name); } } You want to know the name of the link that you touched? No. I want add face side for hiding alpha of my mesh head.
  8. Hello, few days ago i have a trouble and it's still not resolved. I am not alone with this problem... When i trying select some things for "Related items" there was no reaction. All those items already listed and active. When i trying add in a folder with my item a notecard or lm, it's show to me mistake and added to listings! When i deleted it at the my Marketplace listings and trying do it at MP - on the market it always remains in its place. Actions - Detele don't work.
  9. And good quality LOD. Something like a cube with few faces. Non-rigged mesh.
  10. Можно стриптизом зарабатывать. Так как художников и других подобных людей в СЛ полным полно. Но.. Понятие как можно больше вас не спасет. В СЛ бывают моменты кризиса.
  11. Привет. Вам подарили скин, который работает с мешевыми запчастями тела. То есть, филейная часть докупается отдельно, более того, ее название сказано либо в заметке (Notecard) либо прописано возле названия Applier. В секонд лайфе любые нестандартные тела, руки, ноги, головы и прочее покупают отдельно (не бесплатно).
  12. Hi all, someone can tell me what string or anything else i need for it? I want retexture objects by script hud, but do not understand what exactly i need for affect on names/description of the product. Not on faces, only on names/description without notecards. P.s. Thanks for answers.
  13. Здравствуйте, тех. поддержка Вам не поможет с такими вопросами. Более того, владельцы симов, запретившие аватары Кемоно, обговаривали это с Линден Лабом, на что те дали свое согласие. Данное правило относится только к владельцам определенных симов, которым по личным обстоятельствам не нравятся кемоношные аватары. Одним напоминают детей, других просто раздражают. Это не распространяется на абсолютно все взрослые симы.
  14. А еще в интернете можно поискать UV Test Grid и с помощью такой сетки вычислить наложение текстуры на объект, дабы верно разместить частицы.
  15. Okay, i'm don't understand scripts, so... maybe someone can help fix it? integer count; default { state_entry() { count = 0; state p; } } state p { state_entry() { llListen(XXXXX, "Left", "", "Left"); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { ++count; if (count > 30) { llSetRot(llGetLocalRot() + <0,0, 5.0>); state p; } else { llResetScript(); } } } ERROR: Type mismatch: llSetRot(llGetLocalRot() + <0,0, 5.0>);
  16. My friends have the same problem at SL in latest time. It happened 2 days ago. I changed viewer/cleared cache, restarted my PC - and it don't help. When i log in (firestorm) and click on hair/headбIt does not appear. On classic viewer it doesn't appear too (Roaming/Temp files is clear). My avatar include low lag scripts. On snapshot he without hair, because hair won't load.  RenderVolumeLODFactor doesn't resolved my problem. It's reaction to the upgrade, need to optimize for the old software. And optimization must be carried out not by the user, this is work for Linden Lab.
  17. Hi all, maybe someone have a script for Product Update, what work in 2016? Viewer: Firestorm
  18. Thanks. Yes, this script works with child prims.
  19. No-no, i'm clicked inside Second Life viewer on link, what found at contacts. It was weird for me o3o
  20. But that person telled to me time and day, she was already right at this O_o.
  21. Some Second Life users know who visited (watched) their profiles. How it possible? Script or viewer? Maybe someone knows? This is real technology (not the focus of camera). One person always write to me when i looking at her profile. She write "Hi, i see you at my profile!" Maybe someone of that stalkers here?
  22. Hello, i need script rotation, what work with 1 button separately. Script must rotate hud menu at 90%. I'm tried work with script from this forum: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/Rotating-all-linked-prims-90-degrees/td-p/2021321 but it works with simple items. 2 buttons at axiz Z (0,0,0). Script must cooperate with other touched scripts, what included in button. Buttons must work separately with rotation at X and Y. Thanks.
  23. You have no right to accuse me of violating copyright. And other similar acts, because: 1. I use my OWN textures. 2. I use items, purchased from the creators. 3. I use fullperm textures or collaboration with other creators. Pay attention at avatars from other games, it's more important then absurd accusation. First, then try to remove anything of my items from marketplace TELL ABOUT IT TO ME! I think your accusations are not honored and absurd. Rolig Loon. My items do not violate intellectual property and other rules. It reason why i said about absurd. Before you push the false accusation - start to be responsible for stolen content from other games. Many stores at marketplace have really stolen content, what really violates intellectual property rights. And if one newbie person flagged my item, it not reason for charges.
  24. Omga. Sure, SL don't have super mega graphic, but who knows what LL can do in the near future.
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