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  1. If you have to ask "does this thing fall under the new rules?" And it is anything but a direct sale or free item, the answer is likely yes.
  2. I've been expecting this was on the horizon for awhile now.
  3. There's a boom right now of random cryptocurrencies and virtual worlds that is going to end with a fizzle. The whole virtual goods thing is fascinating to watch though. You can buy more than land. You can also buy, bet on, and breed virtual racehorses: https://zed.run/ This isn't an endorsement, though I think virtual horses you can race with are more fun than virtual land you can't yet use.
  4. Please note this question is meant is good faith, as someone who has been deeply involved in D/s relationships for more than a decade, your ask is full of huge red flags. The requirements you have don't at all sound like roleplay requirements. This sounds like an OOC submission to you. Would this not be better fit for an alt of yours? It's a lot to ask for someone to act only as you want them to with no variation. You want them to go into this role whenever they're online and not have out of character time or any other life in SL. That doesn't sound like a living a breathing person in a M/s relationship. That sounds like a doll you dress up. I would strongly advise you look into good information on healthy D/s. The 'true submissive/slave' fallacy is one of the most dehumanizing and dangerous ideas in BDSM. Organizations like MAsT (Masters and slaves Together) might have good information for you.
  5. I'm watching this with great interest. I really like what this body is doing.
  6. https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/doctor-some-missourians-going-undercover-to-get-vaccinated/ So all of this is anecdotal, but this is my experience too in Canada. Most of the loudest anti-vax people I have met (neighbors in this case) have all quietly been vaccinated. Thin walls make for occasionally overhearing conversations such as 'dont tell my wife, but I went to get the shot while she was out with her sister'
  7. The SCP is a collaborative writing project! https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/ It stands for Secure, Contain, Protect. It's a sort of horror/SciFi writing collab where people write entries into a wiki as though they are writing reports for a fictional shadowy government agency. It's well worth a read through. Some folks even do readings on YouTube of some of the better entries. Once you read some, some posts on this board around vaccination appear a lot less obtuse and a lot more plagiarized. 🤔
  8. Chroma, this isn't the SCP.
  9. If you read the actual legislation it's not at all worth the clickbait articles. But clickbait sells I suppose.
  10. Ah yes, the greatet hits of misinformation like: My great aunt lived to 93 and smoked her entire life, therefore smoking is actually healthy and expands lifespans. My father dying of heart and lung issues from it is clearly the outlier. I also grew up in a family that pushed aside modern medicine in favor of natural medicines. While most have snapped out of its spell, for some they cannot trust experts because the damage to their ego would be too intense. I grew up sick, all the time, a victim of a natural health movement that is plauged by fear of doctors.
  11. Algorithms and biases (racism, homophobia, etc) is a big topic in my industry right now. Turns out feeding algorithms data that's based on racist practices contributes to racism in the algorithm. Who woulda thunk. So it is absolutely possible for an algorithm to show things with an agenda. Google works a little different because Google stores so much data about you, specifically. My google image search is going to differ from yours.
  12. This has been a long time coming. I never worked for Blizzard, but I worked for a company that hired a lot of their ex employees. Where I worked was not immune. It just makes me angry. It's why I left game dev.
  13. This is absolutely insane. Consider a situation like this; I once had someone who rented the parcel next to mine who I made friends with. We got on just fine as neighbors for awhile until he began sending me inappropriate messages. I told him as such, and then blocked him when they continued. He went out of his way to harass me and try to get me to talk to him to 'give him closure' and 'just listen to his apology'. I wasn't going to do either, I had no long term friendship with this man and did not owe him anything. But he still erected bothersome stuff on the edge of my parcel, or sent me gifts from the marketplace from alts with his messages in the gift field. He would then redeliver these over, and over, and over. Each time I made changes to my notifications and de-rendered his signs. If I had agreed to 'moderation' that could have been one more avenue for harassment. I can think of much worse abusers or harassers who would welcome a system like this. Why in the world would I agree to something that forced me to sit down down with someone I've cut contact with? Then what happens if the moderator insists that I wasn't fair for cutting him off? Do I just let him continue to harass me? This sort of thing would never happen, but I want you to really consider how easily abused forced interpersonal moderation is.
  14. I really want to assume positive intent here, because after this long I don't think you're a troll. And I don't want to belittle your pain or troubles because all of your emotions are valid and real. But so are the emotions others feel. They are just as real and valid to them. And they will sometimes clash with yours. What you describe is some sort of society completely devoid of the ability to express differing opinions and needs without validation of a third party. How is a moderator supposed to help someone tell someone else to take a hike? How is that supposed to be a more enlightened society? That sounds like absolutely insane control over my personal self. I understand you see it as a spiritual problem and your place in the world as one where you see some vast spiritual wound society is not healing from. I don't think anything anyone says is going to dissuade you from your view that you are the Most Enlightened to the problems of the world, much as I wish it would. The rest of us aren't savages in some spiritual mud ignorant to problems only you see. We are not lower beings who just need to accept some new world order style changes to reach our full potential.
  15. And what sort of disputes would this neutral party oversee? Many disputes between friends are not so simple as to have someone declare one person Correct and Right. People are not binary robots. People can have falling outs or move on from friendships without anyone being the bad-guy. Friendships aren't hostage situations. I don't really care if some 'neutral third party' tells me it would be wrong to stop being friends with someone. The only reason I need for not being friends with someone, not logging into SL, moving on to new things is simply the desire for any of those things. No moderator can enforce closure, friendships, or some balanced state of a social group.
  16. Living in the host city for the 2010 Olympics has dampened most of my enthusiasm for them as they are happening but I usually do watch the highlights afterwards.
  17. "You know, this seatbelt isn't 100% effective at preventing injury or death in car crashes. I see no reason to wear it." And this is why I will continue to wear masks for a long time, it seems.
  18. No amount of evidence based science or information will ever be enough to persuade someone who has decided that all of those sources are illegitimate, and they are the one holding all the answers. Those people have to come around to reality themselves. If you're on the fence, there's so many reasons to get vaccinated. Save lives you care about and you may never meet, it's the best way you can ever pass kindness along.
  19. I went out for the first time in more than a year to eat at a restaurant with my husband a couple of weeks back. It was on the patio, socially distanced, and cases here in Canada are getting lower and lower as our vaccine rate has been rising. (We are at about 80% eligible vaccinated in my provence.) Vaccines are far less political here, and we got them so late our second wave was much worse than the first. It wasn't that long ago we dropped our mask mandate, but I still see most stores requiring masks, or people wearing them. Overall, things have improved tenfold here due to a prevalaing trust in science. That's not to say we aren't without our nutjobs though. At that restaurant we were seated on one side of the patio and a family was seated at the other side shortly before we got our bill. It was a pretty large family with several adults and a few children. One of the men at the table started loudly spouting conspirary theroy bull***** as soon as he sat down. Something about our health minister belonging in jail for requiring masks, how the vaccine numbers are fake. Something something Trump and Big Pharma and something racist about First Nations. The rest of his table kept trying to get him to change the subject but he turned every conversation into it. He talked about how because he refused to get vaccinated he wasn't allowed to go to family events anymore. (As though this were a badge of honor.) His wife apparently, was still allowed, but he didn't seem to put two and two together as to why. Every time he opened his mouth his family just looked exhausted. His wife profusely apologized to the server when he was in the bathroom around the time we were leaving. She looked exhausted, bouncing a two year old in her lap that she was trying to keep calm each time his dad got too riled up over his imagined enemies. I feel so much sympathy for that woman, trying to reign in someone she loves. And that's the sad reality of watching a family member become radicalized. This pandemic has shown us all areas of our life where we have no control. It's been traumatic. People lost family, jobs, homes, or were cut off from them. Some of my dad's side of the family bought heavily into conspiracy theories around covid, until my aunt died, alone in a room, with nobody allowed to visit her. So to anyone peddling conspiracy theories or videos, I hope you understand the damage you do to yourself, your family, and those around you. I invite you to imagine what it's like to have to say goodbye to someone dying though an iPad screen because you can't be close to them, listening to their labored attempts to breathe until all falls silent. It's absoute hell, and it's a hell I'll carry with me for the rest of my life. Please never put another family through that hell. Get vaccinated.
  20. I wish you the best of luck in being able to find somewhere that will make you feel at home and safe. I came to Canada and found that here, but it wasn't a love af first sight sort of thing. Every country has its problems, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, even after five years of fighting for my immigration. While it may not be a forever option, I definitely suggest looking at moving states. I've lived in almost every demographic in the US and I can tell you that there are areas safer and more comfortable for LGBT+ people. I can't say you won't run into any issues-- every city has its issues, but you might consider that to alleviate some pressure while you continue to look for somewhere else.
  21. Unfortunately immigration these days does not work like that. Most countries will not allow you to enter if you do not have a vacation itinerary and a plan to leave. Your US passport is more than enough to enter most of the world without a visa as a visitor, but as an example if you were to come to Canada with intention to remain and concealed that from the border guard when you crossed into the country, you could be arrested and deported. You'd also not have any paperwork, and could not get a job or a bank account or anything that you'd need. The US is also considered a safe destination country and many countries will not take asylum or refugee immigration for people from the United States. (This is a law currently being debated in a lot of countries, especially for LGBT+ people, but it would be an enormous political move to declare the US unsafe... But that's an entirely different subject.) Immigration to most 'first world' countries involves either sponsorship, merit, or money. It's best to look into countries you want to immigrate to and look up their rules. Most countries will not allow you to work without proper authorization, so crashing on someone's couch in a new area of the world and just looking into your options from there isn't realistic.
  22. I can genuinely never tell if you're serious or trolling. Ive gone the immigration path and it's not closed at all, nor is it too late to start. If you are serious about wanting to move out of the US I'm happy to lend you, or anyone else, what information and advice I have on roadblocks. It's difficult but not impossible.
  23. I know the tone of this post is somewhat joking but you post a lot about wanting to leave Arizona and go to another country. Have you looked into any of the skilled worker visas or experience class style immigration?
  24. So this past week was pretty tough from side effects but they seem to have subsided. I was able to go out this last weekend for some Pokemon Go with my husband. Hoping others are having mild side effects.
  25. I think the questions here are pretty valuable for anyone interested. You're asking for someone to give you full attention when you're online by requesting they not be afk or semi afk when they are online, but if someone were to make an alt and accept all of these restrictions what are they expected to do if they log in and you aren't around? Just wait for you? What if they go afk while waiting and don't reply when you log on? Or if they do not use an alt do you expect them to drop everything once you log on and put on all their RLV gear? It's not clear to me where the line between IC and OOC domination / control is.
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