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  1. I have received offensive and threatening messages on my chat line accusing me of stalking someone`s old account - I have stated categorically that I am not - but to no effect - I have asked why the person involved thinks that I am stalking them and again to no effect - I have been called a **bleep** and sworn at as well - can this be dealt with officilally in SL ?
  2. Arumi1

    Payment validation

    Why am I experiencing problems with payment using my Paypal account - I have no issue with any other seller land Credit Card is fine?
  3. Arumi1

    Regional censorship

    Just bought a new home in a moderate region and now realise I cannot access adult material do I need to buy new home in an adult region ?
  4. Arumi1

    New Clothing

    Many thanks Madelaine - off to shop
  5. Arumi1

    New Clothing

    How do you open parcels of clothing once purchased and delivered to inventory?
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