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  1. Thanks i will try it out!!! Ok it fixes it but will this now go on or does it get fixed? Like updated..?
  2. Hello i hope im not wrong posting... Recently i wanted to change my avatar and guess it were a mistake. All of them worked before and never had an issue but now it looks like this for no reason. I already reinstalled etc..
  3. Sorry my english is really bad and i answer most likely bad. Well i try it out:/ sorry..!
  4. I can go everywhere but they fully blocked each of their lands dont ask .. i dont knew that when i happend. (They just Blocked done find out your self Style)
  5. They blocked the Teleport and ive try`d tons times to teleport there all i get is "Failed to teleport etc"
  6. I wrote now a Ticket to LL hope it get sorted.. i still pay`d the rent for it 16k L$ and yeah idc about this anymore.
  7. Yes i did checked even days long if i maybe overview it. But yes all items are still there and still get the notfiy from my Lag Parameter "Region Restarted etc" My security Orb even reports to me "[PERSON] Joined the land" etc
  8. Parcel(private estate) as i remember. Well i found out that the Owner" sold it to someone else and Its now fully locked. I just want them back thats it.. wasted money for those stuff and alot arent Copy able and gone fully from my Inventory. Well imma ask LL then i hope i get it somehow back.
  9. Hello everyone! I had now nearly 1-2 months no luck to get my Items back from an Parcel i`ve once owned. I`ve try`d to make a contact but guess the Moderators are Also kicked of. I still get notify`d about "Restarts etc" since i had a Lag PArameter there. Is there a way to get my Stuff back from the Old Plarcel?... I got alot items there that arent Copy able so yea they`re gone from my invtentory. (Can be i wrote wrong so i hope it get moved to correct Topic..) (The Parcel got Sold and no one Notify me about it, all what we had (even weeks payment) are gone from it. The Owner or Managers never wrote to us after i asked a Mod there she explained to me she got kicked of etc and all lands are now like this...)
  10. Thankies for the fast answer. Hope its possible one day. Anyway Thankies again! I will try it out and see how much i can do on it owo. Wishes a good Time ^.^
  11. Hello everyone. I am kinda new to these types of the Body, i`m using the Maitreya Lara body and got alot for it. But i have a question, when i want add a Tattoo whitout an applier it does not show up, Just when i use the applier that comes whit, it shows up? Why is that so? and can i use a Tattoo whitout these Omega Appliers? Sorry for my really bad english ..
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