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  1. Looking for mainly flat land, connected to roadway ideally. Minimum 5000 prims.
  2. Finished off our Halloween decor this morning, and super happy with how everything turned out. If you would like to stop by to take a look, maybe grab some candy, popcorn, or punch! Please feel free, and we highly suggest advanced lighting with a dark windlight for the best effect. LM - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Huddleston/128/50/32
  3. We grabbed it! My partner just happened to look at the land page and decided to grab it. We had been looking for a home with more of a "feature spot" and looked at these exact homes around the fountain so we're pretty excited and happy with the luck. Will certainly be keeping until the new regions of Vics release. ❤️
  4. The coffee machine is from the What Next Kitchenette set (I haven't gotten to putting the other bits out yet.. COFFEE FIRST), and its currently on sale at the Shop Hop event! This is the set: It's 50% off at Shop Hop
  5. Progress on my interior this morning, bones of the kitchen and bedroom fleshed out so far.
  6. Rolled the dice four times yesterday and ended up with this amazing plot on Knightley, at the end of a secluded street. Next to ocean with houses in the distance, and backed by a river. Very happy, for me taking the gamble was well worth it. Because of how my plot faces, my favorite home the Verne looks odd (wish we could mirror the homes), so trying my hand at the Doyle first.. I'm making myself finish the deco, but anticipating I'll change to the Hardy eventually.
  7. Spent the evening re-working my bedroom area. Slowly getting there..
  8. That's my old plot! Haha. I had that spot when the first ones rolled out, but abandon for the new houseboats area. Looks awesome!
  9. Excited for some group trail rides or get together's! I think this group is an awesome idea. I grabbed the teeglepet once they were released and love it.
  10. Cute! You're just a few boats down from me
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