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  1. Spent the evening re-working my bedroom area. Slowly getting there..
  2. That's my old plot! Haha. I had that spot when the first ones rolled out, but abandon for the new houseboats area. Looks awesome!
  3. Excited for some group trail rides or get together's! I think this group is an awesome idea. I grabbed the teeglepet once they were released and love it.
  4. Cute! You're just a few boats down from me
  5. I think my eyes just rolled into the back of my head. LOL at the need to create an entire forum posting about this, after the majority of group chat inworld disagreed with you. --- Oh she did. When people asked for the landmarks to the homes, she made this a thing in chat. Clearly she came here for further validation, which it seems again, she didn't get.
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