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  1. First of all, I'm not in a position to judge anyone for having virtual affairs while being married. You probably have a valid reason for it that is beyond the scope of this topic. I have been in different types of affairs myself but there was always one general rule. Although I always try to be available to my SL partner. If there is a conflict between the two. RL always has priority. I think you have to make him understand that competing with RL is pointless. No matter how close you are to him , he is not the person that lives with you when you shut down your computer. Make him feel that inworld he is your one and only. Let him know when you are not going to be online. (And why if you're comfortable with that) . Don't let him wait in uncertainty. But make clear that RL comes first. Your situation is difficult because you are married and he is not. I am married myself and in the two affairs I had, the others were married too. And although I could not stand seeing them even dance inworld with someone else. But knowing that he was intimate with his RL wife did not bother me at all in fact it made me feel happy for him. As long as he was only mine inworld.
  2. For me SL relationships can be very real. I'm still quite young in SL (just over one year). And in this time period I had three affairs. The first was more or less a roleplay relationship, I did developed feelings of attachment but in the end it was not mutual and it ended after a month. Yet it did hurt..but only for a couple of days. The RL information exchanged was very minimal. The second lasted for more than five months, and I learned that in order to grow close and develop feelings there needs to be some understanding of each others RL. Unlike the first one. This relationship involved voice chat, exchanging rl pic and after a while even cam (just to prove that the pictures were real) . And staying in contact outside of SL by Skype or Mail. These kind of SL relationships can be almost as powerful as having one in RL. I buiild my own homestead to create the perfect atmosphere to spend time with my love. When the love is over and I got over my loss. I tear it down and move on. Repeat the cycle and building a new one My third one was the most powerful , it lasted for 11 weeks and ended just recently. But generally speaking : its very real to me. The feeling does not stop when I shut down the pc. But as long as the times of joy greatly exceed the times of being hurt and feeling pain I believe it's worth it to keep repeating the cycle. Although I have to admit that my personal situation makes things even more complicated. But that is off topic here.
  3. I agree with most people that SL isn't a dating service for RL relationships. You can however encounter love in this world, which closely resembles love in the real world, especially when you use voice and exchange pics. And in rare cases it does lead to RL relationships, which in turn fail in 90% of the cases according to statistics. But you should be careful if you choose to go this route. Some people Roleplay their avi/characters like a novel writer. Which can lead to a painful situation where one person is deeply in love with a fictional personage. And even when the love is real, do not expect an exclusive relationship. In the real world 50% of couples cheat on their partners. My rough estimate is that its 90-95% in SL. Which makes it a general rule, if everyone does it, its no longer cheating but do keep that in mind to prevent getting hurt. Bottom line: Yes you will probably be able to find love that stays within SL. Based on real emotions and real voice, but relayed via avatars. Also keep in mind that this young handsome guy with sixpack could be a bald old fat guy in reality. Personally I wouldn't care because ones mind is what's important for me. But if you are looking for a RL love, then it does become an issue. Choose wisely
  4. Interesting topic, I'd like to give my opinion on this. First of all, it's not just pixels. The world and avatar might not be as real as in the physical world. But the emotions and feelings are often more real than in the real world. Second, How do you define cheating? Simply sharing your virtual bed with someone else than your partner isn't necessarily cheating. Spending a lot of time and creating a deeper emotional connection with someone other than your partner now that IS cheating in my opinion. To me an SL partnership is to show that you and your partner are each others number one and share more than just lust. But also being open to each other about other lovers and sometimes sharing them. But a closed monogamous relationship in a world like SL is a lie.... even in the real world its often a failure.
  5. I've found a workaround with one of the huds, I used a simple carpet without animations and rezzed the hud on it, then made the hud itself invisible and linked it with the carpet. The result is that the carpet itself can now be clicked by anyone to access the menu (after setting permissions to all in the menu). So it's essentially using a hud in the same manner as adding an engine to a piece of furniture. Unfortunately, this works only with one of my huds (which has mod permissions) the other one cannot be linked, it is still possible to rezz it and give others pemission to use, but then i cant get rid of the hud icon hovering in the air. making it invisible and partner doesn't know where to click, and I can't move it because it's a reference point for the poseballs. I guess I should find a way to adjust the location where the poseballs appear, adjusting every animation one by one is not an option. (but could work theoreticall) btw, forgive me if I still sound a little noob-ish, I am pretty new to SL and just started to fiddle with these things.
  6. Okay, thanks for the reply. I know the huds have possibility to add own animations. I thought it might be possible to send some kind of link in local chat that allows partner to access the menu. The notecards give general information on usage or adjustments but nothing on giving the menu. The menu starts by clicking the hud, maybe I could somehow link it to a rezzable object, much like the stand alone engines sold by some furniture vendors. At least one of them has mod and copy permissions.
  7. Hello, Maybe this question has been asked before. I have three different huds with A rated animations, one of them has an option to give the menu to my partner. Is there a quick and dirty method to let partner control the other huds? they both have options to set permissions on menus and poseballs, but no way to actually give the menu to my partner. How is this usually done if the menu only pops up when clicking hud attached to self?
  8. Yes it is acceptable, in SL you can be whatever you want to be, even when the contact is sexual. If I do notice that RL gender is of great importance to the other person and he/she asks about it, I simply tell the truth or decide not to tell anything at all. But never lie about it. Personally I don't care about the RL gender of the other whether he or she chooses to tell me or not. Even if there is an emotional connection. Someones personality is whats most important to me, and a sexy avatar might help too. RL gender is totally irrelevant to me. (I'm Pansexual) But I'm not often faced with this dilemma because I choose to hangout in Bi/TG places anyway and I play a female with something extra myself. Which keeps strictly straight males at a distance, except if they don't read my profile or don't pay Attention to my group tag So if you're a guy playing a female for erotic contact there's nothing wrong with that. If someone is clearly interested in the person behind the avatar and you lie about it, then its wrong.
  9. Thank for your kind reply, you have given me some ideas where to start. I think I will simply start with hiring a few Escorts myself to learn from it and finding good locations, I often just let someone take me to their home or bring them to my multiscene skybox which is very versatile but not really a special and personalised place, except that I can rez my own furniture and poseballs there. The biggest challenge for me is to determine what style of emoting is best for a given situation when someone isn't clear about his or her wishes. I can be very romantic and give someone a girlfriend experience or be a partner to talk with, but also a merciless Mistress or a slave that bends to the will of her (temporary) owner or anything in between.(I have three years of extensive roleplay experience in various roles) I had a failed encounter where I overwhelmed someone with long emotes and another one where I was too harsh for someone by unleashing some degrading animations and emotes upon her. (Based on her profile I assumed that this was what she wanted but I was miserably mistaken) her English was quite bad and possibly unable to express herself properly about her desires. It was free so I didn't really care, but when dealing with paying customers, this is of course unacceptable. The majority of my encounters however, are quite good and I got lots of compliments. I guess I will continue my exploration and research on the subject for now before I feel confident enough to actually take the leap and get into this business.
  10. Hello, I'm interested in offering my services as a (shemale) Escort but I need a little guidance where I should start. First of all, I'm fairly new to SL but by no means new to Roleplaying and Emoting. I'm a quick learner and a bit of a perfectionist, which resulted in a natural looking Avi that looks as sophisticated as professional dancers and escorts. I have Mesh body, hands and feet plus high end AO and genitals, as well as other things like animation huds, particle effecs, dances etc. Resulting in many people thinking that I'm an alt. (some even become pissed and call me a liar if I tell them I'm not) So technically and literally I think meet the conditions to become an Escort unless I forgot something. I believe that freelance is the way to go for me but where to start? I don't take it too serious, for me it's just a way to make a little money by doing what I love most. Another of my concerns is that people might think I always charge money if my profile and groups tell them that I'm an Escort. My timezone is GMT +1 which is Linden time -9, so I need LGBT friendly places where people hang out when it's evening in Europe. Any tips or guidance is appreciated. Kiss Blue
  11. I was facing the same issue with my avatar but I used a workaround. A full mesh avi limits my clothing options too much plus that I was happy with my facial features. So I use a mesh body without hands, feet, head.(plus alpha masks) And searched for a skin that resembles my original look as close as possible, but which has appliers for the chosen brand of mesh body. Placing the skin on your original shape should not alter your face drastically. Now I still use my original avi but with new skin to give me all the clothing options. But when it comes to action and my avi undresses, I switch to outfit which contains the mesh body, (and feet in my case but that isn't necessary). Pros: Very flexible, all standard clothing can be used. Body shapes are great in all positions when undressed. (Especially that groin area) Cons: Original body shape must be same as mesh body to ensure that proprtions dont change when undressing, otherwise its looks kind of funny for your partner when certain parts are suddenly bigger or smaller when clothes are off. Although Its not so expensive as a full mesh plus all fitting accessories, its still a one time investment of roughly 3000L (more if you want real feet) The only drawback for me is that you have to be fully undressed first to take advantage of this. I know this thread is old, but I stumbled on it many times while searching for a solution. Now that I found one that im happy with, I still wanted to share it here. I'm sure there are other or maybe better solutions, but I'm still a newbie (8 days old) and this was the first thing I wanted to have fixed.
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