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  1. Here's hoping! Would love to get my money's worth out of my Core i7 but I honestly doubt it will ever happen.
  2. I used the link I get directly from right-clicking the cell in the sheet (Get link to this cell) and I also get all the html when I call it, but I also get all the data. If I understand corrcetly this data needs to be parsed to get what I want out but it seems so clunky that it does not seem like a solution at all. I'd have to know what I am looking for or where it is before I find it. I feel like there must be an easier way to pull the contents of a cell out of a Google sheet and into SL but so far I have not found it. Thanks again @Xiija for posting your solution! If I understand the above, I would have to put different markers on all my data in order to find them again and then I need to keep track of all the markers, which defeats the purpose (for me) of keeping data external in the first place. What I want is to be able to find a particular cell in column A (UUID) and return what is in the next columns on the same row (Name, rank, favorite sausage, etc.). I don't know if this is possible. Maybe if I can import the whole list I can search it in SL? Will keep trying...
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply @chibiusa Ling I really like the idea of being able to store data outside SL to be written and read by scripts. Speed and security are not important as the data would not be sensitive. I don't feel like paying for premium membership or hosting a DB as I am just playing around at the moment. So Google docs seems like the way to go. Now I just need to figure out how to GET the data.... I'll keep looking and post back here when I find the answer.
  4. How is this dump done? A script cannot write to a note card, right? In general I am enjoying the idea of having a script in SL communicate with "the outside world". I think that is the thing that is making me want to dig into this, not necessarily any practical need.
  5. Maybe I just don't know how SL handles data. My impression was that a script can store lists, but if you want to edit the script, the data in the lists (unless it is all defined) will be lost. A simple example is a members list. You click on a prim to add yourself as a member. Your ID is stored. But if I want to edit the script now, the list will be reset. Is that not correct? I am by no means an expert in LSL. Are there links you can provide that show how SL handles data?
  6. Thank you @Estelle Pienaar for the link to your very useful and informative post!! I feel like I might want to go down this rabbit hole! It always annoyed me that data could not be properly stored in SL. If I happen to learn lots of things along the way while finding a solution, then so much the better! 🙂
  7. So I got as far as being able to write to a sheet via a form as @Xiija explained above like this: string URL = "<the link to the form>" + "it works" + "&submit=Submit"; key httpkey=llHTTPRequest(URL, [] , ""); The text "it works" appears in the sheet. Great! Now I would like to be able to read that cell from SL. Can anyone help?
  8. @XiijaThank you so much for this info!!! I have been wondering about a way to do this for a long time. I got my first script running thanks to your very clear instructions. Sooo many possibilities with this!!!
  9. You can take off the object that causes the blur and re-log. Innula's script also works. I really wanted to know what the code is to produce the effect though. Thanks Innula for pointing me in the right direction! The following script will make your vision blurry (if that's what you want). Increase the value for more blur. default{ state_entry() { llOwnerSay("@setdebug_renderresolutiondivisor:2.0=force"); }} Needs RLV (restrained love) to be turned on.
  10. Dear Mr. Meriman, Thank you so much for your reply! You have saved me hours of fruitless tinkering! Best Wishes, Jaz
  11. Hi! So I was playing with RLV settings and it was going great but then this "fog" feature did not do anything. I wanted to limit all vision llOwnerSay("@camdrawmin:1.0=y"); llOwnerSay("@camdrawmax:5.0=y"); llOwnerSay("@camdrawalphamin:0=y"); llOwnerSay("@camdrawalphamax:1=y"); The script does nothing. Anyone know what I am doing wrong here? The script is in a box prim that I wear. Thanks! Rose
  12. Upload error - DAE parsing issue Some faces in the mesh are turned the wrong way (although it may look normal) To see faces the facing the wrong way: n menu - Shading - (turn on) Backface culling View mode (not edit)– Object menu - apply - rotation and scale You will now see parts of the mesh inside-out. To fix: Edit mode - select all - Ctrl + n
  13. I have been watching the show and this thought crossed my mind also. But I don't think it is suited for SL. In the show you have an oppressive society that I don't think would be fun to RP in for enough people to keep it running. As a handmaid, life would be pretty dull and not much better for the other characters.
  14. Analog Dog - check out Rae in the Afro section - edit down/out the floaties
  15. Hi, I am trying to get a good depth of field effect in Firestorm. When I get the background nice and blurry, my avatar is also blurry. When I try to fix it and make the avatar in focus again, the background gets sharp also. Have been playing with the settings for hours and reading online articles but nothing is getting me closer to how I want to view the world. Can anyone help me? Jaz
  16. Ahhh - OK. Thanks for the explanation.
  17. Hi Lindal - I did try the transfer. The initial payment was for $78.42. I guess I was charged the 60c transaction fee and the $3 minimum process credit fee when I took the money out but I did not see an extra $10 on top of that. I will see when the amount comes back (via PayPal) and post here the result for posterity. You are so right - if there was another $10 fee it would have been better to leave it there.
  18. Yes Lillith, I've been noticing all your mean little jabs. At the end of the day I was trying to help, pointed out that I was wrong about something, apologized and cleared up the uncertainty on the subject. You have contributed nothing but negativity.
  19. This is true. My assumption was the original poster, like me, wanted a refund in the sense of getting RL money back into your own bank account.
  20. Yes, the apology went over great with 3 down-votes. Oh well, despite all the hate, at least the facts are there for anyone else to read now.
  21. When you cancel you will have to pay transaction fees when you move your money from your US balance to your preferred external account. 1.5% fee (minimum $3.00 USD fee, maximum $25.00 USD fee ). So there is a cost - minimum $3.
  22. OK - I was wrong *blushes* You can get your refund (minus transaction charges) by processing credit. Mine was not working as I had not selected a payment method. Thanks for your answer Cindy. *crawls away and dies*
  23. Thank you Cindy - that was what I was looking for!
  24. Hi Alwin, Sorry if I offended you or anyone else in these posts. That was not my purpose. The original question was about a refund. The original answers were about cancellations, which do not directly give you a refund. In addition to cancelling the order, you also need to "process credit" to get a refund, which was not mentioned in the answers. Your comment said " I see nothing about process credit in previous posts", but that has to be part of a complete answer to the question. The rules state " Note that you may only process credit due to net proceeds from sales of Linden Dollars. " I took this at face value and as the credit process button was not active, I thought my money was stuck. (The reason was that I had not made an additional selection of "payout method.") I have removed as much of the false info I wrote that was still editable. BTW, I have also added an additional comment in reply to an answer that WAS false - there is a cost to cancellations - 1.5% fee (minimum $3.00 USD fee, maximum $25.00 USD fee ) whenever you use "process credit". And I got a cheap lesson in humility. Jaz
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