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  1. Skell agrees , buyer beware. You can't trust SL. What countries do you live in, the USA? Sad you have no consumer laws. What you advertise for a price is what you get in my country. So much more consumer friendly and honest.
  2. How rude, I read everything in the store, the add I saw the in store picture, I read the included notes, I did not know they had hidden the heads in an other room behind the avatar. Unlike other stores it is clear that you need to buy both, they are side by side, not in a different room in the same store. clear false advertising you would never get away with it , what country are you from? Seriously you live where you can run an add and not include that "non included objects in picture"? SL does not agree with your idea of the truth in advertising, and ether do other seller
  3. If you buy an outfit it show in the add shoes and a hat ,yet you don't get the shoes or hat, its a con.
  4. My file does not say SKIN APPLIER to use on a CATWA but you get no head. show me in the add where that is stated?
  5. I see the product add I expect it to be a full avatar head and all. Where in the add does it say no head ?
  6. I am not a mind reader, false advertising clear and simple.
  7. So i see the avatar in the add with a head ,If it said head was a DEMO or my file said demo i would understand
  8. The Avatar came with a head and body. Each have a color change Hud. The head color Hud does not work. I can not get any reply from the store or maker. The body and head have two different colors, avatar is unusable. Has anyone else been defrauded by Belleze? Lost a ton of money on this brand, not only on avatar but all the clothes' to go with it, money down the drain. Just appalled. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!
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