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  1. Can't log as inventory system unavailable (don't know what that is either). Thanks for your help best, Pebbles
  2. Club Hanky-Pank is an adult theme sim for RP, sexual discussions and encounters. So, hosts and DJs need to be comfortable with sexually charged conversations. Please note that the sim is not an escort or prostitution sim (if you looking for that, then this is not the sim for that). Please contact Adriana Maurer via notecard or IM indicating your interest in hosting or DJing and the days/times you can work 3 hours shifts. Also, make sure your profile picture is current or send Adriana a current picture. The club is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tyrell Mono/161/165/3006 Best regards, Pebbles
  3. Hi everyone-Just wanted to follow-up and make it clear that this is a role-play sim and not an escort/prostitution . If you looking for work on those areas, this is not the place for you. Best, -Pebbles
  4. Unfortunately, seems that the login issue is back. Third unsuccessful attempt at log.
  5. Hi-I finally successfully login ? aya! Hope you all do too. ❤️
  6. Hi, my two best sl friends and I just opened an adult sim. If you are creative, energetic, and social please send me or Candia Melody a notecard inworld inquiring about hosting. We are planning on two hours shifts, but lets discuss. You may come and look at our club-we built it all ourselves, no prof help here is the address: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tyrell Mono/190/180/3000 Warm regards, Pebbles (Samie Bagley)
  7. Aya!!! Just got reports that following your suggestion "solved" the problem. Everyone now is able to access the bed's menu and use it. Have a wonderful week and thank you very much for making this happen. Best, --Pebbles
  8. Whirly, Going to try fix that right now and I have a feeling this will resolve the issue (at my home build/rezz is allowed and all works just fine). I f/u with the outcome. ' Thank you
  9. Hello. I have done that and still does not work for others when I am offline or on another sim. So to be clear. Others are able to access the bed's menu and use the bed when I am at my group's land regardless of how far from the bed I am. However, if I leave the sim no one is able to access the bed's menu (even if they reset the scripts). On my home, which is in another region, I also own the group and the land is deeded to my home's group whereas the bed is not, but security is set to all users (just like in the other group's land in the adult maturity rating region). It's bizarre lol Thanks Whirly and Cindy for your replies. Best regards, --Pebbles
  10. I purchased a bed for our group's land (best animations I seen so far), unfortunately people are only able to access the bed's menu (blue window pop up) when I am online and that the group's land. I contacted the creator who gave me a new bed and an object to update the bed. Followed all the instructions (delete all rezzed beds, delete the original bed rezzer and get a fresh copy from the rezzer provided by the creator, add the new bed to group's loand, rezz updater, chose update from the bed's menu window .) and no one else is able to access the bed's menu (security setting set to all). So, I reseted via the build tag on SL's viewer as suggested by the creator. Now others can access the bed's menu if, and only if I am online and at my group's land. The bed does not behave in the same way my home in another region. The creator said that could be a glitch and when a copy of the bed is at the group's land, it acts as if it is attached to me. Thus, users only are able to open the deb's menu and use the animations when I am the sim. Spoke to support and followed their instructions: reseRestart start SLViwer, delete caches, turn pc off, turn modem off. Then, turn modem, and pc on. Log back into sl. Delete bed and rezz a new copy. Nothing changed. People are only able to access the bed's menu window when I am at the group's land. I'm at my wits end lolol please help (ticked was submitted). Best regards, --Pebbles
  11. Hi-I am receiving the same message most of the times I log on my land. Do you have any more information on this issue? Thanks. Best, Pebbles
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