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  1. In need of a logo or some flyers to pass out in your Second Life? Then look no further! I'm now available for hire to create content and promotional materials for your businesses. Feel free to send Skye Haruki (Demi.Verino) a notecard if you have any questions, want to get a quote or see previous creations.
  2. MASSEUSE WANTED! Love role-play? Have a passion to make people feel good? Be a part of something new and exciting! Azure Elegance Hotel and Resort is a new luxury resort and spa dedicated to provide first-rate service to our customers. Our services range from room service and packages, to various amenities expected at a world-class hotel to ensure the comfort of our customers. Azure Elegance- Resort & Spa is looking to hire a passionate and driven masseuse to join our dedicated team of professionals. You’ll preferably have some experience roleplaying and will be able to type in basic
  3. N-Optix is looking for new passionate CSR's for our bright and diverse team. N-Optix is an SL technology company and is soon opening a new hotel. What we'd like to give you: -500L per week + Commission To apply, please go to this link: http://goo.gl/forms/UJF13xWSsA We look forward to meeting you! Demi Verino, Office Admin N-Optix
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