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  1. How are you supposed to create lods on highly intricate artistic pieces like candles and small sculptures when doing so you lose most of the detail? I have read many putting down those who do not make these lods and I can understand it if regarding geometric pieces like furniture etc, but with organic mesh, made with voxel sculpting where imagination is not constrained by straight lines, how is one supposed to create them? Is it really that bad to not make lods for intricate work because you lose the details? Most the people I know have no problem viewing my items at lod 4 and their selling point is that they are only 1 prim. I would lose this and the details if I were to make separate lods. So what do I do? Have my creativity and quality of work stymied because by using separate lods I lose all the details? Or continue as I have been and as many here have stated, not really making mesh the "right" way.
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