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  1. Hello all, I have noticed a terrible pattern with all my SL relationships and it deals with emoting . . . I can't do it well or why I try its never as artistic or descriptive as the other person. Then after a while they just push me to the side and find I guess a person who can do it better. I end up alone constantly. I have noticed there are no classes at all for this and RP is the only thing I see. Im so bad I am afraid to RP . . . Maybe I am missing something in regards to this. Im just tired of ending up alone. Any advice on how to improve at all? Any beginner spaces? I am at a loss.
  2. I have also been having this same exact issue for almost a whole day with no one doing anything to fix it. I get the "You cannot remove protected categories" error when I log in. My inventory is completely gone! I am a cloud. I cannot accept any items people give to me because they just disappear! And it is funny how Linden Labs removed their maintenance status completely from their blog. . . . It is really freaky. I have never had my entire inventory just disappear like this. I also put in a ticket for this and pray I get my inventory restored.
  3. Hello, I need to contact someone from customer service for the marketplace. Half my itelsm, which are gacha items, have been marked as unavailable and my magic box shows I have them as available. I need to contact someone immediatel about this issue. Thanks
  4. I have been selling gacha items on the MP for a little bit now but all of a sudden half my items in my store are marked as unavailable when my magic box shows as available. Can someone explain why this happened? I am freaking out.
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