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  1. I am working on such an object now. Contact triad8974 ot tryad.
  2. triad8974

    Premiium House

    I Have not been assigned a premium home. ( I don't think I have. I am sorry if I have and I don't remember sometimes. I have had 2 strokes and sometimes my memory escapes me. I am sorry for taking up your time if it is something I did and as most of my questions I have been talked down to for not knowing the KB as good as you do.) But if I can ask one more question please Is there a site or knowledge base article to let me find if I have a house assigned to me please ma'am. Forgive my impertinence. Just one more time please mike
  3. G'day answer people. I have a simple query: I s there any link in the KB that will help me in my study of the data that is listed in the statistics bar. it is Advanced -> performance tools -> statistics bar. I am using Firestorm but I think it's pretty much the same. Just a side note while I am here. I am using ubuntu 15.0. and I have not had any problems or lag in areas other that kuula which is always slammed. But again: ubuntu 15.0 -- Dell LT with 8 cores and 8GB of memory. You might scoff at my report because of my computer, (mini-super) but using ubuntu 14.0 and this same computer w
  4. triad8974

    directory tree

    Greetings: I am curious if there was a directory structure to the inventory ( i.e. /inventory/scripts/myscript ). That is a little vague.in the script that is being written the command is llRemoveInventoryName("my script"). Now if myScript is in /inventory/scripts /myScript.. The examples are just showing "myScript"
  5. Greetings again: I a question on my last question. Ihave paid my membership. I have been a paying member before. I have checked out the houses but when I select a house and go to next it is looking me to the premium membership money again. Do I ned to wait 24-48 hours or something to get my premium membership installed? tryad
  6. Greetings: I have just became a full paid pesky member of this community. I hope to be a hel and not a hendrence in my stay here. My question is, now that I have paid up and logged in how do I go about staking my claim on a house and other paid up stuff. You ladies do have a hard job and you do a good job of it. Its a thankless job somtimes so I would like to say your answers are right on the spot so THANK YOU !!!!. tryad
  7. Greetins Ladies: I have just a quick question. It is about the menu bar that shows FPS, Bandwidth, ping to sim, etc. Now I have been digging for the informatio for along tome and not been able fo find what I am looking for. On each of the statistics theare 2 information points being shown. One is the green bar whidh I understand fully but included in the bars ar red doths that rez thicker as the statistic it is monitoring increase. (at least thats what I figure t does. So to make a sort question: what is the red dots that cover sththat are being monitor. Thank you and since you are mo
  8. Well Well, after 8 months I finally got the upper hand and what is funny is that one of your underlings attached a griefer to my triad8974 avi. I did'nt need to do a thing to run a grief. You did it for me. HOW IRONIC IS THAT? You crew created a grief for me. Listen up grieger crews. You don't need to spend all the trouble of creating a grief from the script. they will do it for you with enough needling. I LOVE IT., I AM A GRIEFER AND i DID'NT NEED TO DO ANYTHING. How ironic Its time for an APT run now. Thank You, It's been a gas. See you soon. G'nite Ms. Beverly thanks for showin
  9. Информация по домену MARKMONITOR INC. monitoring Linden Labs Reasearch/marketing studies allowed by Linden Labs is a Russian company called:Информация по домену MARKMONITOR INC. may be used in postings Market Monitor is not only colloecting data on avi's in the sim but also off the computers they are allowed on. I suggest that everyone be told to put the IP address of Marketmonitor INC. on the NOT_Allowed Host list. With an average of 55,000 logins at anyone time, information gathered on us here and on the sim is enormous. It can be seen if one does a netstat -a in
  10. Greetings and Happy Holidays: My question is about the Advancd dropdown menu. I would like to know where I can receive mor information on the Advaned and specifically the Advanced -- > Performance --> Statistics. Thank You and again Happy Holidays Mike
  11. 3 days ago. ( give or tak) I asked about re instating my premium acoung. Name: tryad I am not sure you answereedd. Please send me your answer. plese forgive my typos. i have had two sttrokes Thank you mike
  12. triad8974


    Greetings: I have seen a lot of bo run by a group called Inshan. I would like to learn more about the compay. Can you help or know where i can get information in the KB? triad8974
  13. Greetings: also, and psrdon me for not thinking of this in the last post, but I see a lot of avi's just dropping out away and just staying in the middle of kuula. I am not sure but if the servers must look and send updated data to thes AWAY avi's this takes up server time. I think it would be prudent to take your avi out of kuula to set yourself AWAY. And it is annoying for the need to work your avi around them which causes a minute increase in traffic to Kuula. One Avi I saw lifted his self above Kuula and was in the air in the AWAY mode. This is small and petty amount of traffic to de
  14. I might suggest watching the STATISTIC BAR located in the Advanced menu. I have see that crashes coincide witha massive increase in UDP packets and watch the Ping for the sim. That way you can watch the data yourself on what might be the problem but of course not the fix. Crashes Thank you for your post on this subject. I watch this all the time. Kuula seems to be the worst by watching the data in the SATISTICS BAR. triad8974
  15. Greetings: On 7/212014 Oz Linden issued a blog entry comparing the percentage operating systems client crashes.(Windows 7,8.0, 81 and Mac OSX.) It was a very informative entry, very nice to somebody like me who watches the system dynamics all the time. He mentioned all the major operating systems. Although Linux was not mentioned. I would Like to know if data is not collected on Linux OS or, if it is could the percintage for linux be sent to me or posted. I do understand the linux is an OS has a small following right now and is a very esoteric OS and a steep learning curve b
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