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  1. I’m a straight guy who frequently rp’s. Never cared who’s behind the avi. I had for a long time in my RL tab, that I don’t want to voice. I saw no point. However over time voice was initiated by my rp partners (after the trust had been established by OOC txt), and chatted to many lovely women. Even after arranging to meet up with my SL slave in RL, I still hadn’t voiced to her, she’s the one who kept hinting, and I kept finding excuses. It worked out very well, thanks to us being very transparent of who we are in RL, in emails and txt. Pretty much all I’ve voiced to, express the same thing…s
  2. I entered SL with the view of using it for pure fantasy, roleplay, not wanting to cross to real life at all. Never wanted to voice nor skype, often turned it down for it was a distraction of using SL as an escapism. However the intense scenes I rp’ed, became story based, and spending a large amount of time with other’s rp’ing, we’ll often IM establish a trust, and start to exchange RL information with most I was involved in. I’ve always been open and honest who I am, no point making stuff up, if you have zero plans of meeting anyone in RL. It probably helps that in RL, I’m single, own my ow
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