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  1. I'm pretty curious about the bones used too. My old avatars use volume and attachment point bones and I haven't seen anything like in that pic, after the fix. Grab this and play some of the rotation animations included to see which bones they're using: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Avatar-Testing-and-Visualization-Kit/9842033
  2. Lol London woof. Finally got around to roughing out some wings. Find myself wanting for an extra joint in the wing tip, but I really needed another joint between the shoulder and the elbow, and I wanted the fan bone to be at the wrist. Little stiff, but maybe I can bend things more with careful weighting. 
  3. Tried Gaia's/Matrice's workaround for Avastar, moving bones back into place manually as the transfer tool doesn't work in this case. Was tedious work but I managed, and it APPEARS to have fixed the issues with the lips collapsing and the head scaling and the eyelids (cheers!). With a reset skeleton in-world and no animations, it looks as it should.  The only thing that concerns me is the small shift in all of the bones when storing the joint edits, as mentioned in the tutorial. I can't continue to animate when the joints are offset, even a little. So I suppose I'll wait on a fix for that
  4. As requested I've made a JIRA regarding the collision/volume bone animation glitches with non-Bento rigs on the Bento Viewer. If anyone else has similar issues please comment! https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-37634
  5. Nah, I just didn't have the ears on in that one, heh. Will try to get a file to ya'.
  6. Finally got around to updating my rig. Having the same issues as Teager here, I think, with collapsing lips. Also having issues with eyes for some reason. Mesh has joint positions, no animations playing on it:  Can be fixed with deformer animation (or any facial animation, naturally, since we're translating bones here), foooor the most part, pictured next. Eyeballs are sunken for some reason I cannot discern. I guess because I don't have animation on them as I like to keep the eyedarts/eye tracking. But I'd rather not go with deformation/animation-based fixes here... There a JIRA for th
  7. Honestly this is the reason I've refrained from pouring too much work into my bento avatars. I'm too fearful (ie lazy) to spend hours on something that could change, even at this stage - so kudos to those of you who have tested and tested again!
  8. Oh, yes, I hated using a-point rigging for anything, but thankfully we've got a huge selection now! So I'll be changing up the rig as soon as I can. So long as existing content doesn't break.
  9. I used to have the mesh jitter/jumping with my puppy avatar's blinks. I think we solved it by making sure only one weighted mesh out of the group of weighted meshes (if you happen to be wearing more than one) had joint positions. Though I plan to toss it with an update. With the eye bones being available, you'd have to drag me back to that alpha swapping mess kicking and screaming.
  10. Not sure if this is any help, but my mesh imported with joint positions was super distorted when I deleted (what I thought was) all unnecessary vGroups, or at least groups that weren't being used, like the finger joints, hindlegs, spine, etc. With some trial and error I was able to fix all distortions by making sure at least most (?) vGroups were included in the joint position mesh, even if they weren't being used, though I removed the finger vGroups because of the upload vGroup limit.
  11. Nah it happens to me. Though I haven't paid it much mind, the edit highlight has always been kinda' wonky for me, either hard to pin or jumping around. 
  12. Pretty pumped about this. I have a few projects waiting on this release, as reanimating skeletons, even with one bone off, is a giant pain the ass. Excited in particular about the extra hind limbs.
  13. Kitsune Shan wrote: That animation is pretty awesome. Did you put the bones at the tip of the ears for the smooth bending? Perhaps the same image with visible bones would be very interesting to see and surely would help for LL to see how bones translates. Thanks You're the second person that's asked this which is heartening. The bones are at the base of the ears, but carefully weighting them and putting them at the tip is a good idea.
  14. Here's some super rough weights and animation on a fennec fox I'm making. This is done with translations. There was no way to even close the eyes without translations. Tongue works good, 2 joints is plenty, jaw's fine, used some of the nose and eyebrow bones for whiskers. Glad to have proper ear bones, though I'd love another joint for floppy ears. Does anyone know what the alt eye bones are supposed to be for...? 
  15. Regarding Rand's wolf there, whoa. I've never seen joint positions glitch out like that, at least not on firestorm. But clearly it happens. I'd say that's a solid issue! Linden Labs, if the aim is to make the nonhuman/nondefault avatar makers rely heavily upon naught but the joint positions checkbox, I'd recommend fixing that issue as soon as possible. ! As for undeformer animations, my customers note that snapping back the a-point and volume bones to default female have issues, especially with fitted bodies. (I've got a-point and volume bone undeformed animations, to be clear) I haven't seen
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