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  1. Hello, I have an "internal server Error", and can't log in (but I can log in SL). Is it the same for you?
  2. Hi again, Dakota :) Thanks for the explanation: I didn't think about it, because it is a new feature, isn't it? before, we weren't supposed to do that. Hence, I have just come back to thank your all, for the new features for MP: the updates are REALLY fast (immediate) and I like the quality for pictures. Enjoy your day :)
  3. ok, I found the fix: from now (it wasn't set up like that before the bug), when you modify the description field, you are required to copy/paste your modification in each language.
  4. Hi Dakota, thank you for your fats reply! Yes, I have waited 1 hour: no change My only language is English, so no issue about languages, isn't it? Please could you confirm I am not required to fill each language (just like we used to doing before the bug) I am going to create a Support ticket: but, where am I supposed to do it, please? On Marketplace? In this forum? Thanks in advance for your help Best regards
  5. Hello, Sorry for the bad new, but it appears to still be broken: when I update a description field, my new description doesn't appear, although pictures and other things do. Moreover, when I duplicate a product ("fast filling"), the description field of new product doesn't appear: it is the description of duplicated product which does. Could you please fix this issue? Thanks
  6. Hello, it isn't fix for me: titles and description are still invisible
  7. +1 same issue: titles and description vanished, on mozilla, IE, iphone; but not on Safari of my partner.
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