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  1. None of that tells me what "Services" is though, what counts as service or not, it was taken down for not being a service. Also, If mod commissions where services, having the selling price set to 50% of the final price isnt good either and setting the seller up for awful buyers. Skin commissions especially for furries fluctuate severely depending on the complexity of what you have to texture, you'll either have to set the price to the most complex price range and refund some of it, or set it to the low price range and ask the buyer to pay more. This opens up to entitled customers thinking the
  2. i miss when it was 100L/$1USD, making things was actually worth it, now you get people complaining that you're selling an item you spent weeks on for a single dollar because thats just to much money! you really dont get a lot back for the amount of work you put in and people still have the audacity to complain about it.
  3. also, sorry about the highlighting, you're just aloud to make forum posts(for some reason) without being logged in but not post them so i had to save it into discord because i didnt want to write it again and when pasting it, it got highlighted. i dont know how to make it not do that.
  4. Whats the 'services' category for exactly? I tried looking on the wiki but they don't actually say what it is, they just name off the categories that are available and when I posted my commissions it got flagged because I guess taking avatar texture commissions isn't the service they're talking about there's so many things posted to that category too so its not like you can really guess what it is either, there's event advertisements, there's inworld store sale advertisements, music streams, RP wanted posters, but I cant post texture commissions? which is an actual service? But no, gotta
  5. (sorry I post this in the wrong area) I have been playing SL for about a year now, I make textures for the kemono body and PAWS heads so I have a bamboo splash tablet, a mouse, and an Asus Gaming Republic laptop I've owned for two years now towards the end of this month. Some time about a year ago my laptop got water damaged and we had to basically replace the whole thing except for the screen, when I got it back I could no longer plug anything into the usb while SL was running, as soon as something was plugged/unplugged (such as the tablet and mouse) everything would stop responding. I could
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