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  1. The map link doesn't seem to be correct? I landed in water.
  2. Preferably not modern. Myself and a couple friends are exploring our options. We're all paragraph roleplayers but basically anything more than one-liners is fine with us.
  3. All the places I've seen so far have been either empty, or just... meh. No real genre specified I'm just looking for options. But I prefer historical.
  4. I'd rather not have a wrap... and I tried the "Back puff" and found it far too big!
  5. Yes! Just like the top photo! EXACTLY! All the buns I have found have been too big! No I'd rather not have a wrap or hat since I will be switching dresses frequently.
  6. No cornrows, no dreads. Just natural, frizzy hair tied back in preferably a bun. I'm roleplaying as a black woman in the 1800s. I want plain, boring, natural hair, lol. Except tied back, not hanging loose.
  7. For rp purposes. I like to roleplay as a black woman in a late 1800s setting and back then most women wore their hair in a bun or up in some way. Help please?
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