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  1. I ended up picking up the britny thing, but thats not quite the same thing.
  2. I know it wasn't emotes and I don't think it was a prego thing. I can't remember the formatting of themessages or antyhing, but it was just somethign that was...there. I don't even know how i'd go about looking up such a thing in the market place. to start with and no, it's not somethign i'd keep on ALL the time.
  3. I'm still fairly new to SL in general but was wandering around and saw someone with... i dunno what... that would send out messages on their behalf. Would post silly lil bimbo phrases without them typing it in general chat. What is this item, where can i find one, how does it work, etc?! I need these details 'cause this was such a cute fun thing that I must have!
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