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  1. Bobbie Faulds wrote:

    I have reached the conclusion that LL is OCD.

    That's CDO, please!

    [alphabetical order is essential, except for LPs, which should be by date of release.]

    Bobbie Faulds wrote:

    I also received the same customer service training that the employees at the Disney parks receive. How many times do you think the person standing at Cinderella's castle gets asked where the bathrooms are, even though the signs are clearly marked. It may be the 5000th time the person was asked, but it's the first time for the person asking.

    So, on the same basis, would you ask a Killer Whale at SeaWorld what they'd like for lunch? Context is everything.

    Bobbie Faulds wrote:

    Nothing says you you have to respond to them.

    Meh. Nothing says you shouldn't.

  2. Blue Voix wrote:

    Don't you have some Sad Puppies tm to go hang out with instead?

    It's funny you should say that.

    No, it's really funny, in a thread initiated by someone painted as a rabid sexist by most of the hyperemotional feminazis in these forums, encouraging them to interrupt their texting examples of Everyday Sexism tm to a fellow alumni of mine and post some bitchma here instead.

    {I presume Fat George is annoyed because his entire oeuvre of Dragons and Cleavage which has so captivated square-eyed teenagers has been perennially, and justifiably, ignored by connoisseurs of the SF genre.)

  3. LaskyaClaren wrote:

    LlazarusLlong wrote:

    I distinguish the use of program in computer parlance (the geeks like to shorten everything) from programme when it relates to television presentations or a multiplicity of conjoined projects.

    But that's just me.

    That's a very chivalrous attitude to the geeks. 


    But do you open doors for them?

    You have to; they tend to stand in front of them and expect them to open automatically with a StarTrekkian "swoooosh".

    Unlike computer salesmen, who just slide through the gap underneath.

  4. Freya Mokusei wrote:

    LlazarusLlong wrote:

    You may need to get rid of any cookies referencing lithium as well.

    Good point! Lithium.com is used heavily here for assets. I'd worry if cookies traced back there, but it's plausible.

    Again I can't see whatever is causing this, it doesn't show up on my PC environment at all - so I'm just guessing based on the described symptoms.

    For a while recently, my FlagFox addin told me that I was accessing the forums on a server based in Canada, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a joint Lithium-LL cockup.

  5. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote:

    Things can change though so I checked my sign posts first.  I was shocked.  I cannot emphasize enough how shocked.  The sticky post at the top of this forum announcing the end of the Local Payments Beta in January of 2012 is gone.  GONE!

    That was one of the first casualties (from friendly fire) of the "Clean Up GD" campaign, which has recently gone retrograde as Xanax Linden has apparently lost interest.

  6. irihapeti wrote:

    LlazarusLlong wrote:

    irihapeti wrote:

    human read/writeable languages   

    Well, she doesn't, actually. Not most of the time.

    is that all you got left ??

    i am dissapoint jejejeje (:

    I have a reputation to maintain for being less than prolix.

  7. Cody, this reminds me of the Calendar Riots of 1752!

    PS What IS that tab called "ANSWERS" on your screen shot? I have never noticed it before. Does it have a purpose?

    PPS And presumably that tab called "KNOWLEDGE BASE" is a joke? I bet it has unnecessary explanations on things like unpacking boxes.

  8. irihapeti wrote:

    LlazarusLlong wrote:

    irihapeti wrote:

    i am pleased. i am also pleased that for at least the 4th time now on this forum you are being chivalrous.

    I think you are confusing chivalry with sarcasm.

    The latter being wasted on the uncomprehending.

    i always find it a little bit strange when people think they have to explain when they are being sarcastic

    It's all in the context; although some people are so dim that even when you explain it they don't get it.

  9. valerie Inshan wrote:

    LlazarusLlong wrote:

    Like remarrying.



    I didn't necessarily mean remarrying the same person, I meant getting married for a second time to anyone, after you had escaped from one life sentence.

    I can understand why SHE would want a handsome, loquacious, hard-drinking Welsh thespian (hmm, that sounds familiar), but why on earth did HE ever want to be associated with a one-dimensional, hyper-emotional, running-to-fat lush like her?

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