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  1. I have been sent to the naughty step by Sassy for criticising her for encouraging panhandlers to bring their sobstories to GD, so I have decided to take a weekend break from the forums. Actually, I am travelling to Wales, where the dragons have chewed through most of the wires so the internet doesn't reach the caves where people live.

    I have also negotiated with the Community Manager that this thread should be a "Moderator-free" zone until Monday, so knock yourselves out and post as many LOLcats, pictures of adorable kittens playing with bulls testicles, vanity selfies hiding your pointy knees, or pleas for funding so you can impress that piece of snatch that you have been stalking around The Crack Den.

    Here's a video:

  2. Sassy Romano wrote:

    Sure.  Same as in RL.

    1) Work very hard in a low paid job

    2) Work less hard in a very well paid job

    3) Work hard in a well paid job

    4) Create something that is:-
    • In huge demand
    • Appeals to a customer base who do have L$
    • Market it superbly

    (all of the items in 4 are related to 1 through 3)

    5) Hope I'll feel sorry for you and send you money and announce my generosity here in the forums.

    Don't for one moment imagine that there's a quick magic fix, nor is the above unattainable to anyone who is prepared to invest time and effort.  It's doable but you're unlikely to be rich by this time next week!


  3. Sassy Romano wrote:

     i'm sending you L$5000

    Oh dear, now every panhandler in SL is going to turn up in GD with a ***bleep*** sob story!

    Couldn't you have sent the money anonymously, or even without mentioning it here?

    Or are you one of those Ladies Who Lunch who like to have a plaque on every Women's Refuge they contribute to, listing the names of those who have donated?

  4. So you agree with me, Dillon, that once again a reporter has come to the forums, asked a question about one topic, and then steadfastly ignored any responses they might have received and written the article about a different topic that they wanted to write - and may even have already written - in the first place.

    And not about identity, but about sexuality.

    Once again, the press has focused on sex in Second Life - because sex sells, even though LL seem to want avoid acknowledging this basic fact of internet commerce.

    I acknowledge that gender identity is one of the issues that internet identity analysis raises, but it is a sensationalist trivial minority interest in comparison with the generally unacknowledged WalterMiddydom of online participants. If anybody is REALLY interested in the subject then I would recommend that they consult the twitter feed of Botgirl Questi (@botgirlq) and her blog as a startpoint to what might be enlightenment regarding the way in which virtual personae are presented, as well as offering potentially startling inner revelelations about your own personal presentation.

    Maybe I might "borrow" a few of Botgirl's memes to start a separate thread up.

  5. I don't even like my neighbours, so it doesn't make much difference what language anybody uses (especially if we can't understand each other) where they live (especially if our locations mean we don't meet) what fictitious deity they might worship, what gender they are or claim to be, or what colour their hair, skin or blood is

    If they are stupid, however, that DOES make a HUGE difference.

    PS Or if they are Gooners, like Ebbe.

  6. Vulpinus wrote:

    Just had a welcome visit from Qie again as I was writing the above. Things seem to improve after his visits,

    In real life I have a reputation for broken PCs springing back to life as soon as I am asked to look at them, even before I have actually done anything to them.

    On the other hand, I merely have to walk past a room with a photocopier in it for the thing to start flashing every warning light on its panels and gush foul smelling smoke.

  7. English writers would almost certainly put it outside the parenthesis.

    Americans might put it inside, as they do with punctuation relating to speech, but personally I find that clumsy.

    Ideally, as with most issues where there seems ambiguity of treatment, you would write so that you didn't need to make a decision. I find myself reformatting sentences quite a lot when, on second look, they appear inelegant.

    For example, the sentence Venus wrote could be rewritten:

    This is why I also request feedback from their (mostly internal) customers.

    Or if you didn't like parentheses this would be OK, although it appears a little disjointed:

    This is why I also request feedback from their, mostly internal, customers.

    And it flows better when the qualification is in a separate clause:

    This is why I also request feedback from their customers, who are mostly internal.

  8. Dillon Levenque wrote:

    As one of the people who first expressed skeptism regarding the sincerity of this thread's OP, I want to offer a full and complete apology. The article in question is now finished; I saw a link in a forum across the street.

    I only had time to read the first few paragraphs; I'll get to it later in the day. What I did read was very well done. I think most of  you will agree.

    Given that the article is less about identity tourism than gender tourism it is hardly surprising that you found it well done, Dillon.

    The only SL participant appears to be one that the author probably knew about before she started writing it.

    Real connoisseurs of online identity issues (take a bow, Botgirl Questi) will find the analysis she offers rather one- (or should that be two-) dimensional.

  9. Coby Foden wrote:

    Interestingly if I block cookies from:

    "secondlife.com"  it prevents log in to the dashboard

    "community.secondlife.com"  it prevents signing in to the community area

    "support.secondlife.com"  it also prevents signing in to the community area

    This suggests that they are still running multiple verification services - presumably with separate identity databases managed by LL and Lithium. The logging out may be a symptom of incomplete resynchronisation.

    [it is also apparent that the web profiles runs off another identity database, one that is even more susceptible to corruption than any of the rest]

  10. LaskyaClaren wrote:

    The problem with "chivalry," however, is that it is, as you intimate, not really about "generosity" or "kindness" at all, but about power.

    If you and I have the sort of mutually-respectful relationship in which we are generous and helpful to each other equally, then all that that implies is that we are generous and helpful people with a good, mutually-supporting relationship. Even if you, in practice, end up helping me more than do I you because you are better placed to do so than I, that is merely a slightly skewed expression of an understanding that the roles of helper, and helped, are mutually exchanged between us. Neither of us is necessarily, by nature, one or the other.

    But chivalry of course is predicated not upon a shared exchange of equal power, but rather an inflexible and highly gendered disposal of roles. I am not 
    by this particular code to, for instance, hold a door open for you, or pull out a chair for you, because, regardless of our actual powers and capacities relative to each other, my role as passive "receiver" of favours is predetermined by my gender. So, built into this code is an imbalance of power: even if I possess it, I am not permitted to employ it.

    In that sense, condescension is very much the operative word. And every time that someone is consciously and deliberately "chivalrous" to me, as opposed to being merely generous or kind or polite, he is not merely engaging in "nice behaviour," but actually 
     upon his role as the active and powerful partner in a relationship that aggressively relegates me to the role of passive receptor of favours.

    Are you sure you're talking about chivalry?

    Not BDSM?

  11. xxvillainxx wrote:

    They are calling me a paedophile saying that i mess with kiddies which i hasten to add is total lies That they hope i die a slow painful death and other crap The truth is i dont know this person.

    You haven't been using "Pep" as a display name, have you?

    That would explain it...

  12. Bobbie Faulds wrote:

    Why is being a feminist a perjorative term?

    Do you mean pejorative?

    Bobbie Faulds wrote:

    Do you believe that women should get equal pay for equal work?

    If the work can be successfully measured, sure.

    Bobbie Faulds wrote:

    Do you believe women should be able to enter any profession they wish to?

    I believe that ending sentences with prepositions sounds very clumsy.

    Bobbie Faulds wrote:

    you're a feminist.

    Of course I am a feminist. I believe that women have their place in society.

  13. LaskyaClaren wrote:

    LlazarusLlong wrote:

    LaskyaClaren wrote:

    Deej Kasshiki wrote:

    It wasn't a private convo, more of a general observation. And sarcasm.  :smileywink:

    I think the term nowadays is "clickbait."  In this case, targetted. 

    And 99% more successful than the normal internet marketing campaign.

    How fortunate for you that a "feminazi" happened to be just strolling by!

    I am afraid that, as with most things at which I succeed, good fortune had little to do with it.

    [i keep track of recent signins on the sidebar of the forums]

    [And left the rest to my magnetic personality]


  14. LaskyaClaren wrote:

    Madelaine McMasters wrote:


    I wonder if you've refrained from identifying his alts because he'd raise the spectre of moderation. He's perfectly happy to do exactly that himself. In a recent recent post he said...

    "You are confusing me with Laskya Claren/Scylla Rhiadra"

    Never mind that the association is otherwise known to some, it's no different for his family. Laskya never raised the spectre of moderation over it.



    He did, did he? 


    Little **bleep**.

    He's DEFINITELY off Scylla's Christmas card list!


    (ETA: Oooh! The software here just auto-censored my reply! How long has it been doing THAT???? That's ADORABLE!!!!)

    Actually, I didn't make ANY association of identity, if you read carefully. I merely pointed out that the forum search revealed no incidences of my own usage of the archaic word "benighted" (as a previous post had suggested) but that there were several examples of its usage by Scylla/Laskya - in my orthography the slash signifies "or". What conclusions others might want to draw from that is not my problem.

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