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  1. Ohh similar case with moi~ Literally got back on today haha-- add 'Leidah' if interested~~^^
  2. Heya fellow Second Lifer~ First off, here is a cookie for taking time to read my lame post. *Gives virtual cookie*^^;; Made an account recently and wanted to enhance my Second Life with a family maybe~ If you are interested in making friends with a tall Half Elf tomboy~ you came to the right place--lol. A bit about me and what I'm looking for/ See if your interests match mine ^v^ : 'Im not into anything related to nude-- I'm supposedly shy-- and quiet..I just don't like using mic.-- Jus' Wanna have funnnn~~~~ Let's Explore. Lovvveee Roleplaying--- {Edit: FORGOT to mention how I love K-dram
  3. Hiya~ I'm looking for some friends as well~~^^ Add: Leidah <3
  4. Hiya~~ I'm also looking for friends~~ Add: Leidah <3
  5. Hiya~ Joined yesterday and need friendiez as well~~ Add: Leidah <3
  6. Hiya~ I'm ,kinda, new as well and am into Rping too~ Add: Leidah <3
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