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  1. Hmm. Your description of lsl's mono implementation as being 'very new' is a bit worrisome to me; tells me how long I've been away from second life. I last had been in SL since just before LSL was put into it's current mono implementation. I would greatly appreciate having more reason to use C# beyond the usual 'get out of the vb.net 'ghetto'' attempts I have occasionally been making. Thank you for the information; hopefully 'Project Sansar' will be that alternative to lsl that is needed.
  2. Does anyone know the status of lsl? Is there an official grammar for lsl? Are there other languages I could write in-world code in besides lsl? I had assumed that mono support would allow the use of other languages; but I seem to be mistaken. Finally, I am aware of a few projects that are in the realm of language translation using lsl (a variant of Lisp and a Java to lsl project) but there are not many attempts to see if lsl can interpret or compile itself. Are there more such language translation projects in lsl, second life, or that are otherwise related to sl? Thanks in advance for any help.
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