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  1. Knowledge Base --- https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/creating-your-own-auctions-r1514/
  2. (1) Look at the cost of land in the different regions. Adult-rated land costs about 12 times as much as Moderate-rated land. General-rated land costs about 5 times (check that, please) as Moderate-rated land. (Note: some "toys" in SL are apparently disabled outside of Adult-rated land.) (2) There's a book ("Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life" by Jason Lehmiller, 2018) that (among other conclusions) avers that we fantasize about what we CAN'T have in real life. It could be argued that SL allows the enactment of those fantasies.
  3. (NEW POSTER.) Yesterday I began experiencing "kaleidoscope-colored" heads on one of my classic avatars (some other avatars were not affected) -- but only in Firestorm Viewer, not in SL Viewer. I tracked the problem down to being my having exactly 1 Alpha in an outfit. If I had 0 or 2+ Alphas, everything was fine. My fix was to add a "System Eyelash Alpha" to an outfit experiencing the problem, and that resulted in an immediate correction.
  4. And I gave actual reasons for why I disagree with that. If LL's #1 goal is to sell Premium Memberships, then maximizing the actual ownership of land by individuals is the way to go -- because a player can do everything else without a Premium Membership. EDIT: Perhaps LL is "fixing things faster".... but a different way.
  5. I'd have to disagree --- affordable Adult-rated private land ownership (as opposed to sell very low, buy very high) translates into Premium Memberships. Certainly the changes to mesh, to double the land impact, and to double Premium's base lot size have made it possible to have both a decently-furnished home and a stocked playspace. Now the only real hurdle is the land price (as low as L$1.1/sqm for decent Moderate-rated but nearly three times that much for the worst Adult-rated). I think playability is also affected. If the standard Adult-region practice, without private-to-private auctions, is to have to sell your current land low but have to buy high, then obviously there's an implicit incentive to "churn the market" by inducing people to move (for example, there's a burning house on a plot for sale next to mine: it was standing alone in an area with many plots for sale when I bought). Less playability translates into fewer players and so fewer Premium Memberships.
  6. Still no progress on Auctions, nor any explanation? Since Auctions were working well before this upgrade attempt, it does seem likely that the resident-to-resident auction abilities posed a financial threat to the essential-monopoly on Adult-rated land.
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