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  1. I have a 30k prim grandfathered private region. Transfer fee is $300 to maintain grandfathered status. Monthly maintenance is $209. What is a reasonable price to you?
  2. I have a 30k prim, grandfathered private island sim. If you would like to make an offer I would be happy to consider it.
  3. Please message me here or in world if you have a homestead for sale. Thank you.
  4. Are you saying you would buy a 30k grandfathered sim for 650,000 Linden?
  5. Transfer fees are $300 to keep a sim grandfathered. Brand new sim set up fee is $349. Based on that, I would be willing to pay you $650 for the sim. I look forward to hearing from you.
  6. when will the ability to change user names be rolled out?
  7. Thank you so much, Kadriya, for clarifying. Given the price of new sims directly from LL, it seems the only reasonable offer would be to pay the transfer fee and the tier you have already paid. Please let me know if you feel this is reasonable. Thank you.
  8. Kadriya - a new 20k sim is only $349 set up - so I am wondering why the sale price ($380) plus the transfer fee ($100) (total $480) is higher than what it would cost to just buy a sim outright? Or if I am misunderstanding? I would be very interested in taking this off your hands for the $100 transfer fee. If you are interested.
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