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  1. Dear eroticbunny, If you get a pop saying you are pregnant, then yes your avatar is expecting an avatar baby, so u have a couple of choices, either keep the baby & rp pregnancy or have an abortion....TO have the baby you need to eat that part i dont know much other then eating Doritos chips, pizza, coffee....it takes 9 days before u can give birth, once your ready, go to a place called," Happy Birthday Clinic" once ur there u need to go to the nearest wall you should see a "happy birthday pregnancy belly" (free) then "wear" it...it will tell you how long you are or if ur ready to give birth. If your ready to have the baby u can go into the room, sit on the birthing chair, once on it - click the chair quickly til ur baby is born, the father or friends can watch it come out but in your view u will only see the head come out and it will appear on the observation table and to keep it will cost you $L300. and if you choose the cancel button instead of paying, it will immediately go up for adoption. Once your baby is born it wil say who the babys father is. Im sorry i wasnt able to help you once u posted your questions so i hope this will help anyone else....take care!
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