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  1. To each their own, some will like, some will dislike. Demos are there to see if you want it or pass it. Personally I love my Genus Baby, purchased after buying Classic and Strong which I am not liking.
  2. What is considered hot? Looks are different to every onlooker. From what I am reading, hotness is based on not looks but what she is willing to share and her kinks. Good luck on your search!
  3. I DO LOOK LIKE A GROSS REPRESENTATION EVERY MORNING ?? Then coffee changes me back to my original form and that is no BS. See my smiley?
  4. You dont need to give your life story, but as this is not real face to face interaction, find out if your expectations and hers on the want and how far ought to be same. Get that clarified early. If you dont wish to be rushed, burned, hurt or end up with a psycho, there is no guarantee of happiness without some risk. Use your head and your gut, not only your heart, recognize the red flags if any.
  5. Word of advice: If you do use Glam Affair skin, the Maitreya HUD is no longer usable with the new skins they came out with (if you are looking for a match). This is the skin if you buy it from the Glam Affair & Tabeau store. The skins from the Glam Affair II store still sells skins that is compatible with the Maitreya HUD.
  6. If you want some "azucar" from a daddy, go ask your real "padre" for it. Second Life tiene suficiente gente mendigando y haciendo el ridículo por unos pocos centavos.
  7. Hola. Si estás buscando un sugar daddy, pregúntale a tu verdadero papá. (Cindy: I said in her language, for her to go ask her real daddy if she wants a sugar daddy)
  8. The 2-piece bikini pic is my current The purple haired monokini pic is my DAY ONE.
  9. Maybe true...however I know a lot of RL women with women avis that dont have the anatomy "right" as you describe too I heard them all, guys who play females will have big shoulders, tiny waists, tiny hips, big booty butt, big boobs, lots of makeup, lots of bling, too much stuff to make it look so convincing that this is what a female is supposed to look like. That is a cartload of BS. You can say anything to try to make others think your suspicion that the female is a guy, I had heard many guys say a female is a guy because the female rejected their date offer. I been accused of being a male, I offer to voice verify and they back off even before we start. Its silly to even bother to convince every doubter, let them think what they want. One's life and time is limited, not to be burdened by disbelievers.
  10. 1. I dont use SL for dating, however if I did, if it happens, it happens 2. None 3. N/A as I said NO under #2 4. I don't believe in the validity of RL online dating sites, so a SL dating site would have the same opinion 5. No 6. No
  11. I got no dislike for people's avatars. There are a select few avis I seen of people who on purpose create theirs to look like some pile of poop or some weird nuclear mutant, I don't dislike, I actually laugh because its all an expression...an art-form no matter how bizarre. I for one know that I generate a lot of hate on mine, I dont even need to say hello or a single word, and people tell me they will report me because the way I look, or I get these people calling me sl*t, wh**e, etc, why not I kill myself with draino, and so on. I dont chat and act like i am all that, I greet all with sincere courtesy. Guys dont approach me, they avoid me like the plague, despite my friendliness, they stop turn and go flirt and chat with someone else. Guy friends tell me its likely my looks make them feel like they are out of my league, I am high maintenance or a spoiled little bee-yotch.....if they say hi and ask to dance, I will accept the dance and chat. If you dislike another person's avi, keep it to yourself is my advice...whether it is because its the color of the skin, the clothing style, its AO, its the expression of the owner of who they wish to play with.
  12. I don't think I met many who were non-dramatic, it is either drama at start or drama later on petty stuff to serious stuff. In the end, it's great to have friends but keep it sweet and not too serious, seen a ton of relationships fall from grace as SL gives so much opportunities to fail through drama, infidelity, etc. Sl is a great place to have fun and make friends, but its really your PC being chummy with their PC.
  13. How about the dark dystopian future in the INSILICO sim?
  14. Looks like standard to me. There is no mention about appliers. If you are going to go with paying for a standard avi skin/shape at a sum of 2000, consider the option of mesh body too. There are people out there against mesh, they can talk all they want and not all their reasons are upfront...this is your lindens and your avi...consider both before you decide to shell out 2000
  15. Personally I think his FULL HOUSE idea sounds interesting. Unfortunately, the female maleman might undergo some sort of gender identification crisis, go "postal" on all the pervy females (ending their lives) and end up being the female that Quinn wants...the only downside is that the female maleman might have lapses of being male and Quinn will have to be bottom for him/her during those lapse periods... However, as he said we all need to make sacrifices.
  16. No evil girls but you want to have fun? That is like asking for ice cream that isnt cold. Evil is the best flavor for fun LOL
  17. Spend time in the BDSM sims if you looking for a sub. That is stating the obvious, but you wil get more luck being out inn the open and marketing yourself in that fashion instead of on the forums.
  18. This guy is my fave forum troll LOL Only he has the balls to continue to make his journey more difficult by his wants and needs, always adding more stipulations as time goes by. Got to admit his persistence does grab attention LOL 1. ...willing to play sl with me hangout.. Remove the spanking profile pic, replace with a pic of your avi. Market yourself as someone we want to be with. So far you are a car that needs to be detailed. You are there, but you havent given us any reason to be interested in you. 2. ...il be yr pimp and u be the innocent girl... You want to roleplay that? She may like it if you treat her right, don't even think us girls will give out for free...this isnt porn world where guys are entitled to our hot bodies. 3. ....u have to be on when im on... Easy, ask her when is she on most of the time and discuss when is a good time that is common for both of you. You want us, give what we want in return...your d**k is not heaven's gift, plenty of them in SL, we dont need to beg for it like guys do. 4. ..il need yr phone number yr skype.. If she likes you and wants to actually talk to you face to face, then it may happen but not at the start. 5. REAL? How do you know I am a real female? Cam, skype, voice....i can get my friend, my cousin, anyone to pose as me. Copy paste pics from a porn or personal site. How do i know you are legit as a real male? Cam, skype, voice...you can get a friend, a cousin, anyone. You can copy paste pics from a porn or personal site too. Works both ways on validity.
  19. Earning lindens in SL is not too different from earning money in real life. Find a job. Win it in games or contests. Buy and sell stuff. The difficulty on finding a sugar anything in SL is same as in real life.
  20. Short and straight to the point. Good posting (unlike the prior "appealing" ones I seen saying I WANT, I NEED, MUST BE blah blah) I hope you find a partner to RP with soon... :matte-motes-smile:
  21. There are many ways to make lindens in the game: money trees, WORK in SL, playing one of those free games that collect gems, compete in various contests in clubs and stuff, or play trivia ball games at various clubs. Sugar daddies, sugar mommies...so many people ask for them... They have the luxury to pick who they want, what makes you stand out better than the rest? Personality? Looks? Eagerness? The gold-diggers all claim that. Even if you find one, how far will you go to appease daddy or mommy to pay you? What guaranteee tht they will pay you at all? Lot of fish in the sea, what is one? Do yourself a favor, people asking foir a sugar dad or mom are many, most people dont take offers seriously anymore. Control your own destiny and make your lindens like anyone else does. Work or do something to make it...look at the examples I gave.
  22. That good? Copy and paste what i gave in example, and throw in a few words? Doesn't seem you got any heart put into it, just took mine and claimed it as yours as in looking for a "free lunch." We all learned creative writing in school when we were little. Not hard to try those forgotten skills.
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