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  1. Yea but its not set in current times
  2. I am in search of a somewhat realistic sim to rent and roleplay on. I previously have played on Olrich estates, Cumberland Valley, and liberty bay as well as a few others. My most recent being liberty bay. I like a big map with options. Variety of housing options if possible. Roleplay driven. Realistic scenery and things that are laid out meaningfully. Doesn't have to be ultra realistic but looking for moderate. Furries and stuff I'm cool with.
  3. A lot of you remember Olrich Estates and how massive it was and detailed and how many people were on it. I am looking for a realistic roleplay community with a good amount of sims or be big in size and detailed, also fairly popular.
  4. I'm a hardworking type of guy. Can get alot done in little time. I am looking for any type of host job or something to do with helping like customer support.
  5. I can work weekends, and love helping in any way I can! Consider me when choosing! I can really get the job done as a host
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