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  1. It's been awhile since I tried filming in SL. But, I've been trying it. It seems the video uploaded to youtube a little bit different than it originally recorded. It's more smoother and less blurry in original format. Not sure why its playing the way it is. Any ideas?
  2. We are seeking a paralegal for a rp legal office. Professionalism is important. The attorney will interview candidates. (again this is only an rp role and no lindens paid for job) Send me an IM if your interested and I will set up an interview time with you. Thanks! :heart:
  3. Thank you for the responses, we have hired our maid.
  4. I keep trying to add information, but it keeps being deleted for some reason. I'll send you some information inworld in a notecard.
  5. My experience has been positive at Giano Estates. I enjoy it there. If your looking for a small community town with lots of options avaiable for homes and storefronts, I would suggest checking out Giano Estates. There are also role play jobs in a lot of different areas, i.e. police, fire, medical, waste management, and lots more. There are events throughout the week where you can go and meet others. If your looking for a dark role play town where there is high action and lots of drama then this town probably isn't the one you would want to be in. There is also an orphanage available for children. Currently there is a homestead availabe that is connected to the town that is available for rent. Stop by today to see what Giano Estates has to offer you. :heart:
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