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  1. The skidz isle free yard sale . So cool Id suggest it to anyone in sl trying to make some easy $L's(look for the building that says free yard sale) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Skidz%20Isle/128/128/25
  2. I bought the avatar and hair not sure if it had a body shape included
  3. I'm almost positive I've been one of those types lol
  4. Lezxy1994

    Crashing issue

    Yep I think you're right but thank you for the reply anyhow
  5. Wonderful now if only I can get the shoes and shape
  6. I love grungy city roleplay and would love if someone would be so kind as to recommend a few to me
  7. Thanks so much for the tips girls
  8. Lezxy1994

    Crashing issue

    Last night when I was on sl it was loading really slow and crashed on me about 4 times. Can someone let me know if this was a grid wide problem or something I could fix? Please and thank you
  9. Hi guys, I have an avatar that I'm trying to make look like jessica rabbit was wondering what shape would work best any opinions?
  10. Yes there are many adult things so Id suggest 18 or older
  11. You know what it was a stupid idea to ask for a real person instead of a computer my apologies
  12. I'm a very friendly person would love the experience and $l from being a greeter. Anyone interested message me
  13. Are you using a computer with an sl viewer?
  14. I'd suggest to search for "bdsm playground"
  15. I'm very interested in embracing a goth lifestyle however im not quite sure how to start maybe someone or something can help me? No satanists!
  16. I'm curious to learn more about pet roleplay, but please nothing too serious yet
  17. One place I found that was really cool is called wasteland or something like that it's basically borderlands 2 in second life sorta at least
  18. Yes that's it thank you! And my apologies if this is the wrong category.
  19. I have used the arrow keys , but I seem to have a hard time controlling the vehicles
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