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  1. Sl won't let me go to basic membership until I release my land how do I do this?
  2. Well I want to create a logo but I'm not really sure how to start any pointers?
  3. This seems like something I may be able to do I'm very interested
  4. Hi im interested in some kind of role play where I can play as a princess, lol I know it sounds childish but I have this gorgeous avatar and am interested in possibly joining some type of rp community or group where I can play the character I look like.
  5. How do I view my items purchased on marketplace is in. Firestorm viewer?
  6. How do I view my items purchased on marketplace is in. Firestorm viewer?
  7. Lezxy1994

    Please help

    Thank you both problem fixed (least seams that way)
  8. I love the wasteland
  9. Lezxy1994

    Please help

    2 days in a row now I've tried to sign in and its either logged me out or I've appeared as a white cloud barely able to do anything on sl . I don't usually have this problem can someone please help this is extremely aggravating seeing that sl is one of my favorite things to do.
  10. If you want some odd jobs done let me know I may be able to for a small price
  11. I would love to become a Star Wars role player however, I'm not sure where to start. I've done a bit of exploring at various locations, but which one is the best to start ?
  12. Might want to put this in the technical section
  13. Real life age 18 and up sl age doesn't matter much
  14. Hi guys and gals , I was wondering if anyone knows or remembers the trick to filter out demos in marketplace search?
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