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  1. Thanks for the advice, ill look into both
  2. Hello, just wondering if anyone knew any good url's for Rock music for the sim I manage. Both of the ones we were using are no longer around. Thanks for your help. :)
  3. Just curious if anyone knows of URL's for rock music. I manage a sim and our usual URL's have all changed to a different music format. Thanks for any help.
  4. I have been crashing lately whenever crossing a sim while sailing. it was never an issue before. i am not wearing any huds, no scripts, graphics set to lowest setting. i use the firestorm viewer. any ideas or help would be appreciated.
  5. Hello I am using the latest firestorm viewer, and I am unable to move. i can turn but not move and i crash about 2 minutes after logging in. i have tried older versions of firestorm and even using the second life viewer and results are all the same, any help would be appreciated. thanks
  6. Thanks for all your replies, I did check all my connections and did reboot the modem. Things seem slightly better today, so I guess time will tell.
  7. Is anyone else having lag issues? Doesnt matter where i go or what i do, clear cache, go to less crowded sims, clean install. Ive done them all and nothing seems to be working. this just started a couple days ago, but already is getting annoying.
  8. I am using the second life viewer and a 64bit operating system
  9. I have a VEA3HDTV, and I have never had any issues watching movies or seeing any videos at all on it, but recently I started getting an error message and I am unable to see any videos. i have all the correct things checked in my SL viewer, allowing media and stuff like that, I havent changed any setting recently so i am just wondering if I am alone or if this is a common problem. The message says The following media plugin has failed: media_plugin_libvlc
  10. Yeah ive tried that, it just says loading contents but they never load. I am out of ideas, its a very frustrating problem to have because i like to shop. lol
  11. When i make purchases I recieve the items no problems at all. If it is a box i can hold to unpack i dont have any problems either, however if it is a package i have to rezz then click to unpack the items wont load. I have the second life viewer, and when i click to open the package i get the menu that says items loading, but they never do. I have tried everything i can think of, clean install, different sims, redeliver, but nothing seems to work.
  12. Thanks, its been driving me crazy. that seems to fix it
  13. I have been having an issue lately with a random song playing over the stream wherever i go. Different song at each sim I visit. I am not wearing anything, i have tried removing everything but no luck. I can mute the stream, but i cant mute the random song. Any ideas what i am missing here? I am using the SL viewer if that helps at all.
  14. Im having trouble as well, says it cant connect with simulator
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