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  1. hello,

    I just downloaded, installed and ran the latest release of Firestorm on my W7.

    It works perfectly, even if incredibly slow.

    I post this in case someone is hesitating about downloading a release for W8-W10 on a W7 system.

    Enjoy your SL.

  2. Thanks everyone for answering.

    I just logged with Black Dragon.

    I uninstalled Firestorm when they announced that the last release for W7 wasn't supported anymore. That was three weeks ago:

    "As per our 3-version rule, we will be blocking version in 3 weeks’ time on April 5th."

    thanks again

  3. Hello,

    I run a Windows7 computer thus I can't log anymore with the SL viewer or Firestorm.

    Is there viewers which allows me to log?


    In the meanwhile, may someone tell 'tiny alena' that I miss her a lot?

    Thanks again for any help.




  4. thank you.

    yes, what i had in mind was to attach an object directly from inventory or from hud.

    if i understand, you suggest to rezz, on the floor, a scripted object which demands to be attached on rezz.

    why not? all i have to do is to make it invisible, until it's attached. I suppose i can do that.

    but, is there a way to avoid the dialog box?


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