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  1. Moshi is a Anime/Furry hangout but everybody are welcome, establishment for individuals who would like to meet-up and hangout together, such as make new friendships and way more.establishment for individuals who would like to meet-up and hangout together. The intention and purpose behind the creation of Moshi is to help newcomers (also long-term users/residents) to Second Life, which are interested into the Anime theme (art, culture, animated series, movies and more) and would like to learn about it, create an Anime avatar for themselves and or join the Anime community. We would like to make it become a hub for people who would like to share their interests with each other, ideas, their creativity and personality - and especially enjoy their time with each single one of us. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moshi/236/58/22
  2. thank you very much, it's exactely the same problem. I have payed a subscription for trying fixe this problem in live chat well I spent 4 hour for one person help me in live chat. this person open a ticket. What it's crazy how I need wait and try sometime in live chat for find a person can help me....
  3. Hello, I have blocked two person, today I decided of unblock the two person. I unblock the two person inside my "Black List" I log off and I back later. I noticed the two person are blocked again so I unblock again but all time when I log off and I back log on the two person are blocked too. Why when I unblock the two person and when I log off, I back log on and the two person are blocked again? I have tested Firestorm in my laptop and a computer friend, Second life viewer, SL GO, Lumiya same problem. PS : I'm sorry for my english, It's not my main language.
  4. Bonjour je suis à la recherche d'une tablette sous systeme Android et je voudrais savoir si cette tablette peux faire fonctionner Second Life correctement. Android : Jelly Bean 4.2 Prcesseur : NVIDIA Tegra 4 (Quad Core 1.8 GHz) RAM : 1 GB DDR3 Rsolutions : 1280x800 (16/9) Merci pour les informations et bonne journée.
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