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  1. I did a search in the link posted under " Ad hoc conference call " and came up with nothing. Can you think of another term to search under? I will start reading the entire thing and see if I can find anything. Thank you again for the help. aroid boa
  2. Thank you Mollymews. I will check out that link and see if it works in the linden labs viewer and then in Firestorm. aroid boa
  3. Thank you for trying to help me. Yes, I am asking about *VOICE* not text chat. I have read the link to the Firestorm Voice that you pointed me to. This is helpful to people who can not get voice to work. As I said in my post, we can all talk voice in public. And we can all nail up a voice chat between two people. None of us have any issues with voice when used like that. My question is this: We are a group of three or four people. We wish to have a *private* voice chat going on between us. We are in a SIM that supports voice chat. We can all voice chat in public. We can do a person to person voice chat (2 people only). So none of us are having trouble with voice. The issue we are having is trying to build a private chat group that involves three to four people. Can anyone point me to a wiki or help page or directions on how to do this? If not in Firestorm, can this be done using the Linden Labs SL viewer? If so, can anyone point me to a wiki, direction or any text showing how this is done? Thanks to all for helping me. Any help appreciated. aroid boa
  4. Hello... My friends and I have switched to Firestorm a couple of months ago, and we like it. However, we have found one issue we can not figure out. I hope this is the correct place to ask my question. Usually, three of four of us meet in SL. We like to make a private voice call between all three or four of us so we can talk to each other while moving around and playing in SL. No matter how hard we try, we have been unable to figure out how to do this. We have moved to different SIMs to make sure that was not the issue. All of us can make public voice work. And we can make a voice call between two people. But we have been unable to figure out how to connect three or four people together in a privite voice call (or perhaps it is called a conference call?). Any suggestions? Perhaps someone here knows of a FAQ or web page that answers this question that you can point me to? Any help appreciated, Thank you aroid boa
  5. So I do not want to buy a LOT of land, just a little bit and put up a house. Can I buy land some place (not rent) with out being a preminum (paying) member of SL?
  6. Can I buy land from a private person in SL with out being a premium member? Thank you aroid
  7. Hi... After updating my video card and installing the latest drivers, I went itto SL to test. All the building and all the trees, landscape looked great. I wen to a place with people. Most of the peope were a sold green. One avatar was solid brown. One person I saw was the head only and the head looked normal. I left SL and went to YouTube. All colors looked great. My computer seems to be fine. I went into a game (No Man's Sky) and it was all normal. Do I have an option set wrong in preferences? Why do almost everyone look a solid green color? Thanks in advance.. mraroid
  8. Rolig.... I am happy to know that you folk do not believe it is my new video card. That is a big relief. Nvidai pushed out a new driver day before yesterday. I did the update, but no change. I have a wired connection from my SATA 2 box to my router (Cisco) - wireless increases the ping time as you know, so I don't do wireless. Using speedtest.net, I am getting about 70Mbps down and about 11Mbps up. My ping time is 3. It will swing from 2 to as high as 5 sometimes. I already did a full modem, router, computer reboot. However, I have not tried a different viewer. I will google Firestorm and Catznap and try one or both and see what happens. Good idea! Another good idea irihapeti - I will try the Notifications list button. Yet another thing I have not tried. All of you folks have great ideas! I do appreciate the tips. I hope to log in tomorrow and try the suggestions. Thank you. aroid
  9. Hello. Thanks for trying to help me. I am sorry I was not clear. I go to many different places in SL. Usually I go to ballroom dancing places. In the past, if I want to dance, I would point to a blue ball, and then select sit, or touch. After that, I would start dancing. Now, when I do this, all I do is sit and I do not move. I have updated my video card. I had a Nvidia GTX 590. Now I have a Nvidia GTX 980. I do not know if that caused the problum or not. It has been a few months since I was logged into SL. I have all the updates to windows. I am running the most current driver from Nvidia. I am running the current SL viewer. I have checked my preferences several times to see if I could find something that would cause this. This happens to me every day. This happens to me regardless of where I go in SL. Perhaps I have a setting set wrong in my SL viewer? I have been in SL since 2008. I have done ballroom dancing for many years. I know how it is suppose to work. I do not think it is one specific place in SL. It happens every where I go. I believe all other things work OK for me in SL. Should I roll back my video card driver? I am not sure what to check. Thanks again to all for trying to help. Aroid
  10. My viewer is updated. No matter where I go in SL, I can see a blue dance ball. But when I click on it, the selection is grayed out. This happens all over SL. It happens every day. I am runnning the current viewer I believe (Second Life 3.7.20 (296094) Oct 29 2014 14:05:13 (Second Life Release). Everythoing else seems to work in SL. I just can not select a blue ball and do anthing. What can I do to test my set up or where can I go for help? Can someone help me? Thanks Aroid
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