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  1. You don't need permission to scan someone. You don't need permission to bite someone. You DO need permission to animate someone during a bite, so they didn't include that. The first two are not against TOS, nor are they the same actions as raping someone (and a lot of people in SL love being raped) so let the game mature and see how it pans out. There is a code of ethics in Progeny though. Vampires don't attack and bite other vampires. Such action is grounds for a clan war, and from what I see here the people involved in Progeny are usually in both systems [bloodlines and Progeny]. T
  2. I totally agree with that. In case some don't know it, I run across dozens of people every day that have been bitten by a bloodlines player and they swear they have not been bitten. A request was sent, they accepted it. Don't try to make a big deal out of the same thing happening in Progeny. The bite request was not annoying enough for a bloodlines bite and the same can be said for being bitten in Progeny. Stupid people get bitten every day, but people who unfairly send random bite requests. SecondLife is full of idiots on both sides. Biter and bitten. Grow the f**k up won't you?
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