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  1. I understand & do appreciate threads like this, but when one isn't able to be at the PC a lot during ones day it's always going to be a hit or miss. I think I'll stay put for a bit. Maybe until they make cute small homes, if they've any plans on that..that is.
  2. This aggravates my anxiety strings so much to even change my home. I've been in my stilt home since they were released & I tend to like to change things up every so often, but with the lack of options & no guarantee there will be something available keeps me in one spot sadly. I wish they allowed us to see the available home list prior. Maybe instead of an abandonment needed we can have an "exchange option" & then after the exchange is selected we're then prompted with a "ABANDON CURRENT" so that way we're not left homeless.
  3. The moral of the story is designers cannot take negative reviews....we must bow to them, kiss their feet & worship their all mighty power. I have NEVER left a review out of hate. Every review I've ever left was because an item didn't fit and or wasn't as the AD said it was...more then not creators will not assist with this. I left a review at a shop because the skirt that was rigged to my body stuck 2 inches away and still managed to clip, when I brought it up to the creator they said to not wear it then. So yes I left a bad review not only because the skirt didn't fit but also because the creator has no interest in fixing it. They banned me. I'm sorry but if you can't handle that someone doesn't like your product or someone leaves a bad review because your product isn't good, you shouldn't create then. Simple! Too many sensitive people who think they should be loved by all out here in the world.
  4. Thank you. I know they're busyish these days.....will be less of a hassle when we're finally able to just pick where we want to reside at. But until then it's the lottery game
  5. Are people still struggling to get into the new LL areas? Or is there enough to go around finally? Just curious because I've been hesitant to leave my home...but I'm wanting a place in the camper/tiny house regions. Yet won't be making the big move if LL still hasn't been able to make enough places for member to actually decide where they would like to relocate.
  6. Hmm. I have yet to get a page error, so if others are I can see some level of frustration perhaps. And I've actually missed every single time they released...And funny thing is..I only found out about the new homes towards the end of July...so needless to say I def missed the first release I have children in RL so SL and summer vacation don't mix well, as well as how often I'm able to be online during the day when vacation is over...so I've accepted I'll never make it to a release. I've gotten the homes I happened to land only because someone abandoned it.
  7. Will most likely change it in a few weeks but for now the cheap budget setup will be just fine.
  8. That's okay....there's a whole lot of real life people who keep their real life porch lights off because they don't celebrate Halloween. So I guess in SL it's really no different then RL.
  9. Yeah I know about all that...I was just keeping it simple for the person who I responding to. And they were only referring to the LL homes
  10. For me it's not perfection I seek since every location is flawed some where, either by oddly placed bushes and trees that make no sense, or neighbors with some funky taste of lawn decor. ....I myself enjoy the tension of will I or will I not get a home this refresh....plus for the ones of us who do enjoy the "Catch & release" we're giving others a higher chance of securing a home. I even sit at homes I abandoned just to see how long it will take to be snatched up...the longest it took anyone to grab it was 24 seconds. However, if I get a home on top of a hill with stairs going down I'll keep that one since it'll be high enough to look over boat houses if near by and or not being eye level with giant rubber dolls and those animals people breed. I thought I wanted an ocean view...but most of those people in the ocean front homes have a houseboat view and I don't find that visually appealing it's like having a view of a parking lot except it's on water. But more or less it's just to see how quickly I can grab another and will it be the big fish I want or the lil teaser that you only keep for a night or two but after that you send it back out because it's not appealing nor worth having it longer to you.
  11. Even if you close your browser, delete your home LM, or your SL/PC crashed after selecting and securing a home you'll always be able to access it by logging back in on your browser, selecting account, then selecting premium membership and then to the left where it says explore your Linden Home...there will be a Go Now link in that box...click it and and accept then you'll have a tp available to you inworld (you must be logged into Second Life viewer to get it and using a browser on your PC not phone.) You can never lose access to your home unless you abandon it. Also sometimes it takes a minute for emails to show up...and that can happen with anything and everything. Some of us don't have that setting checked to send us emails. I turned mine off so I won't see that option. The email itself has nothing to do with you getting or not getting a home.
  12. Ah I see, so they're not really walking across your lawn or looking down into your place. Most of them are just wanting to fly over homes to take short cuts perhaps? I myself found the streets to be more my cup of tea...that way I can see all the lovely work that went into all the corners and such. Love the public relax spots and the public pool....or the spots by the beach to meet up with people if they so choose to leave their home. Wouldn't wanna miss all that by being way up in the sky. That's not for everyone I know. Each to their own ^^
  13. Actually in first life you are allowed to have sex in your back yard, on your patio or even with your blinds open as well as on your house boat. Perhaps it comes down to what country you're in. But again as I stated I was just finding the humor in it....wasn't being serious about it what so ever. I get that some people see naked cartoons and freak out as if someone just tinkled in their cup of milk. Anyways I have no intentions, since sexo in SL isn't my forte. I was just curious is all. Which brings me back to a previous question, why would people want to enter someone else's parcel without being invited?
  14. I see, question though....if no one can see you and no one can hear you.....are you even having the cartoon sexo ...... Sorry it's late for me! I just find humor in the smallest things around this time. 😛
  15. The rules at Bellessarian are not really any different then going to any other Moderate sim. It's quite simple. To sum it up....If you want to roam around whether on land or water in the nude, that's fine...males keep your pixel junk in droopy mode, females keeps your bottom lips closed (this would be non sexual nudity). Granted some sim owners will tweak their version of how they want to run their moderate sim, which is okay they pay for it. Yet if you're wanting to have sex first go to About Land go to options and make sure you uncheck "Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel", then head over to sounds and place a check mark next to "Restrict gesture and sounds to this parcel". This way if you want to have pixel sex on top of your boat house, or patio and or outside on your OWN parcel no one can see you thus there's no rules being broken. If you wish to allow people to see you, then you must keep all adult activities inside your SL home. If someone cams in on you, they're at fault and have no grounds on reporting (damn those peeping Toms' & Sallys'). On a non-sexual topic just be friendly, polite and considerate. And remember to ask before doing. Common sense! Also, people need to stop assuming just because someone doesn't want random people coming into their SL home at any given moment, or peer into their home to get a looksee at their avatar means they're ruining their experience in having "free roam". You are still able to walk around, visit the public places that were set up for the community, hence you still have "Free roam". We don't need to hear or see peoples conversations when they're not speaking to us and we really don't belong in strangers homes. That's how you get shot dont cha know But seriously though, why would one even want to go into someones' home they didn't even know and then grip/moan when they're unable to. I'm actually curious about this. What is so bad with getting to know one another the proper way? It's starts with an IM saying "Hi, how are ya, wonderful weather we're having." Anyways that's how Spongebob did it And if they don't want to let you in or talk with you that's perfectly fine....as human beings we weren't all meant to like one another.
  16. This is why I turned my system on....so they're booted in 15seconds....I have no problems if someone IM's me saying "Hey neighbor, I'm stopping by to introduce myself. Do you mind if I come in?"....... More then not I'll be in the mood to have a chit chat and I'll turn my security off for the duration of the visit. But too many people abuse this. I logged in and had several people just running all through my home asking "When are you moving out." Over and over again. I don't mind silly trolls with humor...but annoying folks, I'll pass. You don't need to have access to someones' home when ever you want or to be able to see their avatar before you IM them if all you're doing is being friendly. That's just how I see it.
  17. Catching last minute rays...while summer is still here ^^
  18. Houseboat 9:10pm SLT. Went to snag it...Chrome froze... ...it's a sign telling me to just be happy with what I got for the time being and wait for what I really want.
  19. I think it's more or less so people just don't walk into your home. And sure they can cam in, but when you've your parcel set up a certain way people can only see your objects and not you. And trust me people do just walk in when you don't have one enabled. I'm all for being social...but because some people are impolite and do not IM you first to see if you're okay with company they do come in handy. As in real life, you would just start looking into people windows and or just walking into someones home you don't know just to say hi? Also if you're someone who enjoys being naked or engaging in sexual activities are encouraged to use them. You have to remember some people on here pretend to be children, and because they're pretending to be kids you have to treat them as they're some strangers child. Which would mean you need to keep your actions on your own lawn or within your home where they can't see. Also again some people just like privacy within their own SL home.
  20. They allow you to restrict sounds...I was just going through my settings and seen that they do...which also fixed my problem with hearing every ones noises.
  21. Yeah gave up 3 with in the last 8hrs. And instead of waiting 9 minutes to be able to refresh again I just log out of my account log back in and start over, not sure if it was helping or not, maybe I was just getting luck but unlucky with location. And thank you I actually forgot about the muting sounds thing.
  22. Congrats. Hopefully you landed a nice spot. I gave up 3 homes tonight because I wasn't happy with the area. Now I'm smack down in the middle of homes and all I hear are chickens, dogs and someone has wind chimes blasting -___- so I'll be tossing this one to the side as well soon.
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