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  1. If you want to do SL porn and get paid for it...just do escorting...it's pretty much the same thing except you have talk and or rp....when making porn...just get on the poseballs...do not allow them to use your avis name in their product and do not rp with them....chances are he IS wanking it to the vid as he's making it...but he most likely wanks to rnadom women standing around...but seriously...escorting would be your best bet...I know a few gals who can easily make 15,000 in one day and not even an 8hr shift. But it's getting the clients first that is hard...since there's so many gals who don't want to make money of voiceing and camming with dudes...they do it for free because they like the attention..and men who dress up as females who like to explore being gay without being gay...
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