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  1. Thank you for the pointers and advice! Texturing is the next big step for me... I've finally begun to get the actual modeling part down (for basic objects anyway, still need to work on sculpting) and texturing is the next frontier... It seems 10x more difficult than I thought modeling was in the beginning. Here is a screenshot of the vase I want to texture. I've been reading up and watched a long tutorial on uv wrapping and texturing, but the guy ended up just going into paint and using the paint bucket to color his object. Not to mention, he was just texturing a cube. So I'm trying to understand where to make my seams for this vase. I thought I hit pay dirt when I found a vid on youtube of someone wrapping and texturing a vase, but it was no audio and had no instructions for what he did and he did it ten times faster than I could keep up with.
  2. Hello, I am new to building and texturing. I am using the latest version of Blender. When I apply textures in Blender, they never upload with my mesh into SL even if I include textures. I read that most people don't even upload textures with their mesh into SL, but apply the texture inworld. If that's so, how do they make the texture look its best on the object? When I uploaded a vase I made and applied a texture, it looked distorted. It WAS a patterened texture, but I guess I'm confused because if so many people wait and apply their textures inworld, how do they keep the texture looking uniform and normal? I see so many perfectly textured items on the mp and I can't figure out how people are doing this. I've looked at countless tutorials on texturing, both in Blender and within SL, but I'm just not able to understand how this works. Could anyone lend some advice? Thanks
  3. Thank you for the advice, Cilene. I really appreciate it! I don't seem to be able to delete that box around the bowl.... although I did lower the subdivision to 2 as the other person suggested. I have selected the vertices of the box and tried different ways of removing it, but it alters the shape of my bowl and distorts it. I've got a lot to learn! I did visit the JASS shop inworld to purchase Avastar... it's 6500! I'll have to wait to get it, I guess. Anyway, ty for your help and good luck in learning Blender!
  4. Hello All. I hope someone out there can help me figure out a problem I'm having with Blender because it's starting to make me frustrated. I am very new to creating. I have been working with Blender for the past few days and have really learned a lot. I have been creating simple objects. For instance, I made a chair and a bowl from two tutorials I watched. Problem is, when I export them as collada and upload them to SL, they NEVER look like the finished product in Blender. As an example, I followed a tutorial and created a bowl. When I upload it to SL, it looks like the shadowed area around the bowl (you can see in the screenshot I post, it looks like a trapezoid or something). Even with other objects that don't have that "shadow" in Blender, they upload distortedly. For the table I created (which I know is perfect for what it is, I followed tutorial exactly), it won't even let me upload. I get a DAE parsing error. I've researched this error and everything others online suggested does not fix the problem. I was able to open the dae file in AC3D, which I am not going to use in the future, and was able to upload it from there into Second Life.... but then again the table looked distorted and seemed to be missing pieces. I'm trying to keep calm and not get irritated, but I am really trying to learn this program and develop as a builder and NOTHING i create, nothing, looks as it should when I upload. I would really appreciate any help. I am completely new and not used to technical terms, so please bear with me. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: I've attached two screenshots. First is the bowl in Blender, the other is what I get when I upload the model. Thank You
  5. That fixed it. Unlinked and relinked everything, and voila. Thank you so much for your help!
  6. Thank you, Rolig. At first I thought, that's impossible.... I didn't use anything that someone else created. Then I remembered one tiny part that I bought from another sl mem on mp. Thing is, they give complete perm for people to use their items as part of a bigger item or object. I don't recall making their object the root prim of mine... Unless the root prim is determined by the order in which you link objects together.
  7. Hello, I'm new to creating, but I've made my first decent item that I think is worth selling! I was toying around with free scripts I found the other day to see how I could enhance it. After I applied a new script, it changed the "creator" of my object to the person who made the script. I have used a scrubbed script to try and remove everything, and it still says that the creator of my object is the person who made the script I tested. I'd like to put my item up on the mp, but not with this person's name attached to it. Could someone tell me how to restore my name to the item as creator? Thanks!
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