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  1. I still have this problem, but only with The Verne. Which is so annoying. That's the house I want. Tried everything. No luck. Keep getting this message: . . . you are not authorized to open and close the doors, blinds and windows of this house. . . . . .
  2. Fat chance, it seems. Might as well get an old Linden Home for now. The homes are totally old, but you can make a platform in the sky over your house (up 2000 meters at least) and do things up there.
  3. Yeesh. Give me a break folks. It's a suggestion to LL. I'm not suggesting getting rid of Linden homes on mass or anything. Just to have options. You'd think I wrote something that was going to change the world drastically. No such thing. I only suggest LL add additional options on the current land menu. You want a house, great, you got it. You want some lovely landscaping, boom, you got it. I would love to be able to convert my place to a Japanese garden or something other than an actual Linden Home. But you can't. Seems logical to me that some of us would enjoy additional options such as preset landscaping. I'm pretty darn sure quite a few premium users would love this option. And it doesn't take away anybody's home, but you would have the option to choose pre-made themed scenery in place of a house. Just an idea to suggest to LL. And sky boxes are allowed above 2000 in the new areas. It's irrelevant.
  4. Bird song is no more Leaves gather long forgotten Ghost wind in the air
  5. I visited your Cafe bookshop. Lovely. I hope more people make nice community spots like yours.
  6. I'm just thinking of a way to avoid a bunch empty houses in the community. In my opinion, empty houses do not contribute community building, as far as the layout of the land goes. So let's Imagine: I place my skybox in the sky somewhere. I'm not using the house. Instead, I could choose "park" or "Japanese Garden", or some other theme than an empty house. This would provide pleasing scenery for the community and get rid of empty houses. And nobody looses anything. In fact, people get more options. Obviously LL have added a switching function to rez in different homes; basically sets of mesh objects grouped. A brilliant idea. So, there's no reason they couldn't substitute non-building scenery options.
  7. Perhaps there should be sims with empty plots and sky rights for them . Why not?
  8. From a recent Linden Lab post about the Bellisseria homes in their own news feed: "Are you ready for your new life on the Bellisseria continent? Now may be the perfect time to upgrade to Premium! Your new home is waiting for you!" I wish they had released more homes for us who didn't get one, but it's not a big deal for me. I can wait. I'm still a huge fan of VR worlds. A few minor hiccups along the way are to be expected. In the meantime, I'm gonna pool hop in Bellisseria. Wanna join me? lol
  9. I guess LL will probably get rid of the old home areas eventually. Then we'll probably miss them. lol I actually like my current home. It's not bad.
  10. I didn't mean that LL should refurbish homes people are living in, I meant homes that are abandoned.
  11. Yeah. You're probably right. Maybe I'm just lazy to do all that work to find a house. I was just thinking if LL had a database to choose plots, they could identify plots that nobody wants. Then they could work on making those plots desirable. Or the they could turn them into public picnic spots or something.
  12. As for the claiming of the new home areas; LL should have stated exactly how many new homes were being released. A very simple thing to do. If they mentioned this, I missed it. I don't mind the "first come, first serve" thing, but I still don't like the random assignment of homes. LL should have a dynamic database. Random assignment of homes was never a smart idea. It's also annoying to have to waste time claiming/abandoning as you try to find a new home. And why only 5 times a day? Ridiculous. A searchable database is what they should have. On a side note, I wish LL had been working on refurbishing the existing home plots. I get the whole theme thing, but why not just start converting some of the old homes to different ones? THen LL could provide links to refurbished homes. Done. By the way, I really love the new homes and the areas surrounding them. I'm really happy to see this. It's great to see people sharing their photos of their home decor too. Some people have such wonder taste. I think I'm going to go for stroll through the new homes area now.
  13. When a customer of a business which strives on small transactions has a thousand dollar mistake, then someone of authority should step in and write a note. In my opinion that person is the CEO. Even a short note to say sorry from the big boss would go a long way. That's what should have happened and should still happen. It's not like a CEO doesn't have the time for something as important as vitally important customer service. It would take them a few minutes. He could even have his assistant draft the note for him. So easy. PS. I know the CEO is never going to read this, but I don't care. I'm just putting in my 2 cents. All the Best, Tim
  14. Bobby, I hear what you're saying, but rezzing stuff wasn't my point. But I agree, sandboxes are the place to open boxes. However, I was more concerned about owning land to create a home, a business, or whatever. It's about creating and actaully owning my own place where I can do whatever I like. I think that's what a lot of users miss out on simply because the cost is way to expensive. Developing a big piece of land is a wonderful thing. I think the key to a deep user experience is having a big chuck land to call home. Most folks can't fork out the high rents and buy lots of stuff at the same time these days. I certainly couldn't sustain those land fees. Not with the current pricing scheme. Thus, we will probably see a slow decline in user numbers. Certainly not a gain. I like second life, but the high land costs issue has made it very difficult for me do much creatively so I look forward to the next incarnation of SL.
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