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  1. Last Price reduction before going into Auction. Click Link to go to Parcel
  2. Update Picture, come visit it, what could you possibly lose? --->Taxi
  3. Parcel located at Sphinx (Click for taxi) Size: 2048sqm Prims: 703 Land can be terraformed to be at water level (as it is) or under the water for placing beach artificial islands Access to protected water to SL seas to the East side. IM Jerzero for any question.
  4. Commercial and residential Parcel with a shore. 1024sqm 351 Prims. Can be terraformed to become all land. The parcel has been divided in 2 1024sqm perfect squares but can be joined into a 2048sqm Parcel. Taxi to Parcel #1 Click for Taxi Taxi to Parcel #2 Click for Taxi
  5. Last Price reduction due to moving, this is literally a gift LS 1699 each parcel. (2Left) Enjoy ^^
  6. Two Parcels Left, They can be joined to be turned into One 2048sqm. Price is still L$ 2399 Each.
  7. PRICE REDUCTION: The 3 parcels left have been reduce to a price of L$ 2399 each. come get it.
  8. Parcel Size: 1024sqm Price: L4000 for each parcel. Amount of parcels: 4 (4096sqm) Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mondrian/57/87/22 Ever dreamed of having your own beach resort to share and hang out with friends?? NOW YOU CAN HAVE IT! Keep what you want and Return what you don't by right clicking the individual item and clicking on "Return". Each parcel has it's individual price, you can purchase 2 of them or more and join them by Right clicking the ground - Edit terrain -hold shift and create a rectangle of 1 by 1 between the 2 parcels, then click JOIN and the 2 1024s will become 1 2048sqm parcel.
  9. Parcel still available Price reduced to: L$18000 (L$4.4/m2)
  10. Perfect Square Beach Parcel Size: 4096sqm Prims: 1406 Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mondrian/23/94/21 <-- taxi to it Moderate sim - Premium required
  11. Added another 1024sqm Parcel beside it so it could be 1 parcel of 2048sqm if joining them. Each parcel is purchasable by separate, both are completely square so joining them will turn them into a perfect rectangle Enjoy ^^
  12. 1024sqm parcel located beside a protected road Prims: 351 Price: L$ 5000 Taxi to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bashkortostan/33/108/96
  13. 1024sqm beach parcel with a nice shore. Prims: 351 Price: L$ 6000 Taxi to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/da Vinci/83/227/23
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