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  1. hoi, did you find a builder, Im a meshbuilder nad if you want i help you out my sl name is musoryo greetings
  2. Hello, did you find already a builder? Im a custom Builder in Second Life, from buildings till complete land setup eand gardens. Let me know if you still need somebody. My buildings are low landimpact visit our land at this location (244, 191, 31)
  3. New Shopping center for mesh fashion designers only. The new way of selling , in a real shopping market, plenty of beautiful space and prim use. The center serves as a meeting point for fashion lovers and choppers. First 2 weeks free to set up and improve the looks. Feel free to vist and comment. I & M Dream Housing Musoryo and Nickytu12
  4.  I could help you, I have a land you could have it for rent or take over. its included the following buildings: A complete open port village: 2400 prims - house for renting out included full furniture, 3 levels - apartment luxury, full furniture - dance room and second floor the frrebie shop - the castel tower , including the stairs going to the dungeon, bed and bath room, 3 levels, and the stairs going down to the Japanese cave. I include a picture to have an impression. Feel free to contact us or visit the land; a beter place and better build than this you will not find in Blake Sea. Contact: musoryo land mark http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fanghammer/88/77/24
  5. Are you looking for renting or selling? I have a full ready sim I let take over for the interested people. I build new empty sims to the most beautifull places in Sl. This sim has a very nice teraforming landscaping. A beach and beachhouse with swimmingpool and fitness/dance Also 4 houses for renting in a natural tropical environment and 2 luxury Skyrooms for rent. In the mountain is a very nice castle. Also an aera including shoppings for rent and dancefloor/disco. If you are interested, contact me please: Muso Ryo
  6. I m having a full ready sim for rent/selle. If you are interested, complete setup landscaping terraforming, housing and beach. there is a castle, renting houses, 2 luxury renting skyrooms, swimmingpool and dance-fitness house, shops for renting, dancefloor, boats to use. Everything is included. Contact me if you are interested, Muso Ryo
  7. Hee Come to INFINITE LOVERS ISLAND We have a job for you here if you like dancing ask for Musoruo or Nickytu12
  8. Inifinte Lovers Island is sseking for dancers and escord girlls; In Search of Female Dancers who are comfortable on dancing naked. Dancer’s can tease and flirt and earn also with escord. Dancers receive 60% tips. For all information contact Nickytu12 or Musoryo We are a Very warm welcoming club and we want you to feel comfortable and safe. If interest in being a dancer please contact us or visit FALLEN ANGEL(215, 80, 22) - ADULT- INFINITE LOVERS ISLAND:matte-motes-smile:
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