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  1. The answering persons here are users of SL the same way you are. I agree, this time the update is *bs* as it has not some minor glitches, it just plain simple doesn't work at all and there is simply no chance to make it run somehow. I tried everything: reinstall, redownload and reinstall, clean reinstall, release candidate viewer install. Nothing changes, you won't get to log in or even start the viewer. It just quits. If you want to log into SL, you simply can't do it with any LL viewer at the moment. So there's two solutions: take a break and try to update the viewer in a couple of month
  2. Actually you cannot install an older version, as it tells you right in the login process, that there is a required update, after which the described problem reoccurs. Only chances are to switch to a working third party viewer or to stay offline until the viewer update is fixed.
  3. I have the same problem. Something seems to be corrupted. I'm not sure whether the viewer is corrupted. Could also be the installer widget, as it normally asked me whether I want to run SL after installing and such. It didn't do that this time. It just started until VFS, then quit. Clean reinstalls, new downloads etc. all don't help. Only chances are to forget SL completely until the viewer update is fixed, or to run it on a thrid party viewer at least for the time being.
  4. I have the same problem. The viewer told me it downloaded an update, I chose to install it and restart SL, it installed, ran it's hardware check and then quit. Seems to be either a viewer or an installer bug. Uninstalling, reinstalling, clean reinstalling and clean reinstall a new download all didn't work.
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