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  1. wow i dont see myself getting premium then for a long while, i have no patience for that as much as i loved the new homes. Kinda makes me sad, oh well.
  2. I been waiting and debating going premium and one of the factors was the new homes i previewed a while back. The ones you could change the house with the mailbox. Are those already out or just the houseboats? Cause everytime i check the premium preview for houses it only shows the old ones. Anyone answer me when or if they have already been started?
  3. Agrees with SweetKImChii and Franki completely, im another of the ones that have posted numerous times on here about this same thing. I spent hours trying to fix this and no luck. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  4. Its not that it wont load things properly it just wont open up all the way just closes out. Every other client ive used works fine it just seems to be with this new update and others have same issue. Dunno maybe im stuck to have to use the firestorm or whatever. Would be nice to be able to use regular client tho.
  5. is this an official sl client? because i uinstalled this new one that was supposed to be the 296094 and put that in but it looks totally different.
  6. Sombody suggegsted using an older version of the client how can you do that when it makes you update or quit?
  7. Yeah i exhausted everything i could to get this viewer to work, no luck. I finally gave in and dled firstorm which btw is a total difference than regular viewer, but either way it worked fine. So something is up with this new one and i wish sombody would really look into it a bit more.
  8. has anyone had any luck fixing it yet? with any of these ideas?
  9. Im not trying to be difficult but has anyone had any luck with any of these suggestions? just curious besides the using another viewer one that is.
  10. I have put posts on the answer area and nothing is happening much to resolve this. Ive seen several having the same issue so figured id try here. When i try to launch the sl viewer after updating it, resintalling, uninstalling, clearing cache in app data, over and over multiple times it acts like its going to load then it just dont. No errors just doesnt load and this just started with this last update, i know some have had no problems but some of us are and wondering if anything is being looked in to find it, i do need my sl fix. please help?
  11. I am having the same issue been trying to fix this for hours, ive run updates on windows 7, uninstalled and installed multiple times, even done the clean install removing the app data and cache every way possible. Still acts like its loading gets to vfs and then nothing. Ive several that have had this problem on different posts but nothing seems to be working. Hope something is done to fix this problem soon i need my fix as well. I tried that fresh install, fresh download, still same thing it doesnt error juts doesnt open.
  12. I updated my viewer at first it said crash logger wouldnt write, then i uninstalled second life, installed new one, and it said may need to update service pack for better performance. But when i try opening up the client it acts like its going to open and then does nothing. Im currently updating my OS but is that really something i should have to do? Im already running windows 7 home prem, but i havent installed in recent updates or such but figured id try that. Help anyone? Ok ran updates on my computer, resintalled in several times, it acts like its going to open and then just doesnt. I
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