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  1. Sheleaf


    thanks for help, I will only shoot once and then all is good I see. now I'll go and find some zombies and practice to aim. forgot to ask about hand grenades but I guess it would be same answer lol. have a great day all.
  2. Sheleaf


    but if its illegal I wont do it, I am a good girl. Just want to know for sure if its not against the tos.
  3. Sheleaf


    Hate banlines and hate strangers in my bed, my shotgun is great and I would like to use it
  4. Sheleaf


    Is it allowed to shoot intruders on my own moderate land I own?
  5. Callum Meriman wrote: Didn't really need a new thread started. oh yes it WAS necessary, believe me. and hey writing so much about him here will encourage him too.
  6. AnimeModerator wrote: Hi iv been around roughly 4 years now and been married once for about a week lol im really putting a serious effort to settle down in second life i work currently in dancing i was secuirty a greeter even a host at one time or another i do have spending money and im not afraid to share with the one i love my hobbies are zombie movies and gardening if your wild i dont want to tame you cause im not a animal trainer feel free to message me in game ladies. you seem nice and honest but I wouldnt advertise here about my inability to keep a wife and jobs if I were you. Imagine if you happen to do that in a rl application for a rl job too. good luck to you anyway :smileywink:
  7. Qie Niangao wrote: Sheleaf wrote: if landlords can afford to pay for land why cant they at least afford to have bot invites, if they cant be on line themselves? then Problem is solved. For most rentals, group invitation by bot is practical. It only works, though, if the bot is a member of the invited group, and for many applications each individual rental needs to be owned by a separate group. In fact, I rent some land where the group was created by the tenant (for better visibility and maybe SEO, not sure). The intricate steps involved in making such a specialized group's roles and membership appropriate for rental land ownership isn't anything I'd want to program a bot to do. still a renter shouldnt bother about all this, but just get what they pay for very fast. what would happen if you bought something in marketplace and you had to wait 3 days or more to get it ? or you had to first say HELLOOOO ARE YOU THERE to the merchant to see if he ever comes on line. why is it different when a renter buys land from a land lord ?
  8. if landlords can afford to pay for land why cant they at least afford to have bot invites, if they cant be on line themselves? then Problem is solved.
  9. just saying I agree. if merchants or landlords cant be on line more go out of business pls. They like the money but not the customers comfort, you have all reasons to be angry.
  10. Chrystian Beaumont wrote: I am selling a 2048 m² Parcel with 468 Prims for the incredible LOW PRICE of only 6000 Linden. This Price will increase again after one week, so hurry up and get your own land. Happy hunting cause first comes - first gets http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laurier/161/174/3510 Chrystian if no one will buy while it is cheap will it help to increase the price later you think?
  11. Benson Gravois wrote: Any one have my fav restaurants in second life, even fast food joints like Bugar Kinf and McDonalds? yea but I dont beat them either
  12. Benson Gravois wrote: Does anyone know if there is a sim like the Rocky Mountains? I have been looking but no luck, in real life I am not far from Jasper, Alberta. Would love to see a sim replicate the experience. if some one help you again this time too. will you this time return to your thread and say thanks ? it doesnt hurt you know. try it try it. spelled t h a n k s.
  13. go to your dashboard and see account it will show you all transactions last 30 days.
  14. 0zymandi wrote: Hi, I realize this is a strange request but I'm looking for a sim with a dead farm animal, preferably a mule but a horse, goat or cow will suffice. If anyone one knows of a sim with dead animals please let me know. Thanks buy a cow, edit and rotate, and it now looks dead, lol
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