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  1. Hi, my name is Aliana (or you can call me Ali or any other nickname for short) and I've been an SL resident for a while now. Overtime, I used to have a group of friends to talk to or IM when I got online or when they had some free time a few times a week. Sadly, it faded after a while and pretty soon, none of them seem to have come online anymore or I couldn't catch em on time while they were on. So I've decided to go back to square one and friend some more SL friends. A little more about me: This is my second SL account going into it's 4th year. I am a very nice person, drama-free, fun and lovable, I'm also a laid-back and chill person. Usually I'm a bit shy at first but once you get to know me, I open up a bit more and more every time. Likes & Interest: Singing (I sing in RL so if we have any other singers hear, maybe we could have fun and rock out to some duets on voice), Dancing, Anime, Exploring, Poetry, anything fun we can do together that we both enjoy! Personality: I'm a very bubbly person, I just can't seem a keep a smile off my face sometimes. And I'm always opened to meeting new people. Yes I am a bit shy, but I warm up to people and start to come out of my shell. My S & RL mix a bit, only a few of my friends know about me in RL so I hope we become the closes friends so we can talk our ourselves in and/or out of SL. Hope to hear back from some people very soon! The best way to contact me is to send me a NOTECARD! in IM! Your text IM may get lost and I want to be able to contact you back whenever I'm online! xoxoxo, Ali
  2. Hi there! You seem fun and very sweet <3 I'm looking for someone to chat with and we seem to like a lot of things message me as soon as you can or I'll message you :3
  3. Hi my name is Aliana (alianamara), I've been in some search of some friends lately.. (been getting little lonely lol). I've been an SL resident for about 5 years (This being my new account for almost 3 yrs). I've meet quite a few people along the way but, seems like none ever come alone anymore aww... I'm a very friendly person and tend to stay away and out in drama, I rather have a fun time in SL then having to deal wih drama 24/7. :smileyvery-happy: Well..I few things I love to do is go dancing, party, shopping! (definetely shopping! hehe), gaming, singing, watching movies mostly Comedy :heart: and many other things to do! You can message me INWORLD if you'd like to chat or hangout, hope I get to meet you soon! :D
  4. Hi, I'll contact you soon later by Thursday or Friday to chat up ^^ :cathappy:
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