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  1. Thank you for the very kind words Taeem! Exactly so, it is all about the story, I suggest you come and go with fine oddities and exotic wonders to sell from your extensive travels..time-lapse explained! Voila! But once again, thank you
  2. Elfennau and World End As it is known there are gateways between the world of men and the world of magic. They disappear with rapidity and it is not understood why? Yet, there is a town known as World End, a small commerce centre for the hamlets and farms scattered throughout the surrounding mountainous region of a fair-sized isle north of the coasts of Scotia. Here, remains one of those rare tears between what is real and what is increasingly deemed as mere fantasy.... Moderate free-form rp sim, centred on European Medieval Folk-lore. All welcome to rp here within that genre. We are very new
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