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  1. @Rolig Yes its an offical labs doodah. It's owned by LR Linden. I went back to Tyras beach a few minutes ago and waited to see what would happen but this time it was the cloud. The previous times it was an avatar which actually ran across the bridge and ejected me as it went by and each time they were on me within 3 or 4 minutes @Claireschen Hesten Yes, as you said the clouds are easy to get away from but usually they only turn up when you drop off a hill or end up in the sky when a sim crossing grabs you, but in this last instance, it was indeed a cloud. Both the cloud and the avatar are named Linden realms watcher and its the old death dealer that sends you home. @Chic Aeon the field of oranges is pretty sane these days. You still get the odd runner who uses an incremental speed enhancer and keeps it just under the send home speed but there havent been any crystal stompers for a few years. One of them you could handle even if it was slightly annoying but when you had the whole clan down there using them it was a real pain in the bum lol but you still get the greedy folks standing on the rocks by the sea centre field, all waiting for the oranges to rez and then make a dash to see who can grab the most. Meanwhile the sensible runners are up on the hill picking up the odd ones and ruining the rez sequence so that the greedy runners give up and go home I do the same thing you did, I have been running daily for the past 5 years and the realms are not so much about the cash to me as a place to clear my mind and ponder things. I go afk and do things around the house, or meet up with friends and have a dance, go swimming on the sim edges, run around in circles to make the rock monsters crash , do a spot of mountaineering and all sorts of things. I can spend a whole day in there and come out with a solitary linden dollar lol @ChinRey At first I thought you may be correct about the afk thing but now Im not so sure. I can stand in the same spot indefinitely with no problems at all. I can sit on rocks or the ground with no problems so why, when I sit on the logs by the campfire at Tyras beach, do I get bounced, That is an offical hangout in the realms built by the labs with sit anims? Why when I sit on the mushroom which I have used as a rest stop for years do I get bounced? Alright well anyway, I tried all my other favourite rest stops and didn't have any problems with any of them so I am no longer worried about being banned from my beloved realms for being bounced half a dozen times in one day. I will put it down to a glitch on LR 4 & 8 sims and carry on as normal. Thanks for the input folks xx
  2. There seems to be a new spin on this. I have been thrown out 3 times today by a wandering avi from LL dept of public works which goes by the name of ,Linden Realms Watcher: !! ARE YOU CHEATING? !! The first time I was sat on a mushroom taking a break. Second time I was sat on the logs on tyras beach with the moles. I couldnt figure out what I was doing wrong unless Linden Realms Watcher is actually a time and motion dude and didnt like me sitting down on the job lol. Anyhoo I removed my Tiny Empires hud thinking that his parameter searching thingumabob may not like a script within and then went back to Tyras beach. The watcher avi wasnt even on the sim but he suddenly appeared and threw me out again. I will let you know if I get an answer to the support ticket
  3. Lovely roadside parcel in the North East of Satori - route 8 residential area The land is on a hill and flattens at the bottom end but I never bothered because it lends itself to a beautiful garden with house on stilts. Ther road is served by public transport so if you don't have a car you can hop on the regular service which passes by your front door I am selling this parcel because i want to free a bit more tier and am happy to do a straight swap for railside land on heterocera http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grossglockner/52/107/72
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