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  1. I have been watching this bot thing with interest, even to the point of running a port sniffer in the background. (Yes I am a paranoid S.O.B.) They are a use of resources, so they must have a purpose. I do notice that when one is around me, it opens a port to my computer, as though its trying to IM me. I never get any message from them, but they stay on sim long enough to open that port and then go. This having been said, there is a pair of HUDs that I am testing to see what they do. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stop-Right-There-Crasher-Scum-Anti-Crasher-HUD/3561107 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AoRep-Aozora-Tech-Avatar-Reputation-System/2630847 Please do not get me wrong, I am in no way endorsing either of these. In fact i see surrounding these devices a potential for the same scheme that the Red Zone was in the past. When I tested these devices, they connect to an outside database hosted by a company outside Montreal. The second one is interesting in that it also connected to every avi within 4 sims in any direction. It gave me sim IP and home IP for each, and appeared to transmit this with what could only be a UUID for the avi in question. On this scripter's website he offers a real time location service for any avi on the grid. just using the HUD, that failed but it did connect me to both Google datamining and advertising, and Amazon datamining and advertising. Given all this, and if i wanted to expend this kind of effort, it would not be a stretch to anticipate that the Brendens and their ilk might be carrying the HUD I just mentioned. Merrily out collecting information to support this scripter's "real time grid location" service, gaining him advertising revenue, and silently supplying information to others who might not wish us well.
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